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Gotta Pick'em All


Feb 02, 2016 (UTC)


A payday for you who suffered greatly from the Devil Task.
Take your paycheck from the boss of the Devil Company!!


Period : Feb 2 ~ Feb 23, 2016 (UTC), until maintenance


# Event Information


An awesome new mini-game machine is in Seria’s Room!

- With 100 winning slots, the machine will reward you every time you pick!                            
- Once you have earned chances to pick, click the mini-game machine in Seria’s Room or click on the ‘ Icon’ on top of the fatigue bar. Once opened, use your chances to pick to receive rewards!                           


How to earn pick chance


Picks earned

Mas earned

By logging in every day


x1 daily

Clear Optimal Level Dungeon


x10 daily


# Reward


Rewards you can receive via picking.




Demon Invitation

Hell Party entry ticket

Boss Monster Card Pot

Contains a random Rare+ tier Boss Monster Card

Simona's Letter of Recommendation

Use this item after clearing one story of the Tower of Despair to access the next story in the same day

Single-use Equipment Reinforcer

Reinforcement available with Portable Weapon Refiner consumed.

Single-use Equipment Refiner

Refinement available with Portable Weapon Refiner consumed.

Transcendent Stone

Move Untradeable/Untradeable(Sealed) Equipment items to Account Storage without affecting their remaining Sealing count.

Toy of Sparkling World

Cure harmful status effects for all Character Levels

Remy's Touch

Immediately restores 30% of Max HP and MP

Boss's Bomb

It blows when thrown.


Please Note :
- Pick chance resets at 09:00 (UTC) every day and the Board resets at 09:00 (UTC) every Tuesday.
- Number of Picks Earned/Used and the Board applies to account.
- Items won by picking will be given to the inventory. If the inventory is full, it will be given via mail.
- Optimal Level Dungeon is for level 17 or higher dungeons


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