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Into Chaos and Carnage


Oct 26, 2021 (UTC)


How to Participate

Click on the HUD icon() at the bottom
of the screen to participate in the event.

Clear Ozma Raid and obtain rewards!




Event Missions

Special Supplies
Dark Side Seal Box x 1

*You can get one Special Supplies each week. (Reset every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC)


Mission Type Mission Icon Item Description
Weekly Try Ozma Raid x 1 Remy's Sparkling Touch (10) Contains 10 Remy's Sparkling Touch.
Weekly Succeed in deterring Ozma Raid Chrysos's Enhancement Potion Box (2) Contains 2 Chrysos's Enhancement Potion. These Chrysos's Enhancement Potions can be used in Ozma Raid, and only up to 2 can be in your possession at a time. (Obtained Chrysos's Enhancement Potions are deleted every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC).
Accumulated Succeed in repelling Ozma Raid x 4 Infiltrator Trokka
Costume Box
Contains a Infiltrator Trokka Costume. Item is given as permanent.

*Accumulated missions are counted only twice a week per account.


#Please note

  • This event can be participated in by account.
  • Weekly missions are reset every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC.
  • Click the [Get] button after clearing missions to receive rewards. Missions that have been reset before the [Get] button was clicked will not be counted.
  • All rewards are sent by mail, and will be stored for 15 days.
  • All rewards are given as account-bound.
  • All items given as rewards will be deleted at 09:00, Nov 23, 2021 UTC.

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