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Lucky Black Friday


Nov 09, 2021 (UTC)

Test your luck by flipping your Lucky Card during the Event!



How to Participate

Check the information about the event by clicking
the icon () over the Fatigue Point bar.
Clear Optimal Level Dungeons every day
and earn your chance to flip cards!

Each dungeon clear will grant one opportunity
on weekdays and two on weekends.
The opportunity to flip cards resets daily at 09:00 UTC,
so don't forget to flip the cards every day!







For each time a card is flipped, a chance to flip a card is also used.
The game ends if you flip the cards until three identical cards appear!
Items corresponding to the three identical cards can be obtained as rewards.
Get up to 10 rewards in the Bonus Roulette!




Black Night's Rune Ore Dark Night's Remains Box (10) Single-use Equipment Reinforcer Single-use Equipment Amplifier


Item Description
Black Night's Rune Ore Randomly generates 1 Uncommon, Rare, or Unique Rune.
The generated Rune is issued in untradable form.
Dark Night's Remains Box (10) Contains 10 Dark Night's Remains. 
Can be used to upgrade Lv. 95 Talismans/Runes to Lv. 100 Talismans/Runes
or to purchase items from the NPC Lucille Redmayne or Deputy Helga Shop.
Single-use Equipment Reinforcer Creates a chance at reinforcing items.
Does not consume any Clear Cube Fragments or Gold.
Single-use Equipment Amplifier Creates a chance at amplifying items.
Does not consume any Crystallized Chaos or Gold.


# Please note

  • Only characters Lv. 17 or above can participate in this event.
  • All event rewards are account-bound, and will be deleted at 09:00, NOV 23, 2021 UTC.
  • Clear count for Optimal Level Dungeons is shared by account.

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