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DFO Flowing with Milk and Honey - Season 2


Aug 04, 2015 (UTC)



Hi, Adventurers


It's all renewed again! Accumulated Log-in hours are initialized! Try now!

DFO, flowing with milk & honey, gives you rewards just with a simple log-in!


* Event Period: AUG 4 ~ SEP 1 2015(UTC) before maintenance.




1. Time to get sweet presents! Everyday 4 times! DFO Time!


※ After 15, 30, 60 & 120 minutes of log-in, a single reward given
※ Clicking [GET] button of in-game UI enabling your rewards to be sent to mailbox
※ Initialized at 09:00(UTC) everyday
※ These rewards to be deleted on 09:00 Sep 15, 2015 (UTC)
※ DFO Honey Time does not apply in Arena.


2. If you wait for 100 hours, you will get sweeter rewrads.


※ 100 hours calculated as accumulation of log-in time during the event period
※ Clicking [GET] button of in-game UI enabling your rewards to be sent to mailbox
※ These rewards to be deleted on 09:00 Sep 15, 2015 (UTC)


3. Surprise Gift Box will be dropped from optimal level dungeon during the event period.

※ Optimal level dungeon, LV.20 and above
※ Surprise Gift Box given only one at a time, deleted at 09:00(UTC) everyday
※ Surprise Key given from the jars given from this event





1. Everyday 4 Times of Presents

Icon Time Details
  15 Min   One among Mana-Aid, Treasure Hunter's Secret Potion, Sacred Blessing randomly coming out.
  30 Min   One among Remy's Touch, 1 kind of Premium Contract randomly coming out.
  60 Min   One among Life Token, Mileagem, Growth Capsule randomly coming out.
  120 Min   One among Single-use Equipment Reinforcer, Demon Invitation, Interdimensional Fragment randomly coming out.



2. 100 Hour Log-in Time Reward

Icon Time Details
  100 Hours  You can pick either Silver Emblem Box x8 or Clone Avatar Box x2



3. What's inside Surprise Gift Box

Icon Time Details
   DFO Honey Time Accelerator    Accelerates DFO Honey Time, reducing 15 min.
   Kaleido Box    Use this item to reset your Equipment to a random rank.
   Premium Contract 1 day    Contains a Conquror's Contract : 1 day, a Tactician's Contract : 1 day,
   a Growth Contract : 1 day and a Cube Contract : 1 day



4. Are you a newcomer? Additional supplies provided!
Growth Booster given for newly created characters!

Icon Time Details

   Levelup Support Box(Lv.1)

   - 1 Lv Rare Weapon Box
   - Levelup Support Box(Lv.10)

   Levelup Support Box(Lv.10)

   - Fatigue Recovery Potion(100)
   - Levelup Support Box(Lv.20)

   Levelup Support Box(Lv.20)

   - Levelup Equipment Box(Lv.20)
   - x2 Growth Potion
   - Levelup Support Box(Lv.30)

   Levelup Support Box(Lv.30)

   - Levelup Equipment Box(Lv.30)
   - x2 Growth Potion
   - Levelup Support Box(Lv.40)

   Levelup Support Box(Lv.40)

   - Levelup Equipment Box(Lv.40)
   - x2 Growth Potion
   - Levelup Support Box(Lv.50)

   Levelup Support Box(Lv.50)

   - Levelup Equipment Box(Lv.50)
   - Levelup Awakening Box



** If you start on Delezie(NA-West) server, don't miss another additional bonus!

※ Supply Box is given once per server when a new character is created.
※ Growth Booster is given only once per account to the first logged-in character during the event period.


Icon Time Details
   Growth Booster

   - Recover Fatigue Potion(50) X 10
   - x2 Growth Potion X 10
   - Life Token X 10
   - Awakening Support Box


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team - 


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