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Monster Colosseum Season 2


Dec 21, 2021 (UTC)

The newly renovated Monster Colosseum is here. Let's check out the new contents one by one, shall we?


How to Participate

You can enter the Monster Colosseum after completing Dr. Miracle's event quest in Seria's Room.



Monster Colosseum Introduction

Basic Information

Icon Description
The sum of the grades of all monsters arranged in Manage Strategy.
The higher the grade, the stronger the opponent will be in match.
Earned by playing the game. Can be used to Summon, Upgrade, and Enhance Monsters. 

Material item that can only be obtained in 'Tower of Trials' in Story Mode, used to Black Market and Enhance monsters.
Used when entering Story Mode and Match Mode.
Every day at 09:00 UTC, it recharges to its maximum level.

Obtained through Match Mode with other adventurers, the Tier Grade varies depending on win/loss.



Summon Monster

[ Normal Summon ]
Acquire a random 1-star monster
by using a Monster Coin.

[ Special Summon ]
Special monsters are summoned according to the Special Summon Tickets.

 [ Black Market ]
Opened by clearing Stage 20 on story mode. Monsters appearing on the Black Market can be purchased using Trial Tokens. Monsters appearing on the Black Market change every day at 09:00 UTC.








Manage Monster

Check the stats, synergies and types of your monsters.
Select the traits of a monster and Upgrade/Enhance the monster in this menu.
Up to 200 monsters can be owned.



Monster Trait, Upgrade, Enhancement

[ Trait ]
You can check the monster's grade and synergy, and the higher the grade, the more selectable characteristics are unlocked. Once selected, you cannot change the traits, so choose wisely.

[ Upgrade ]
You can Upgrade monsters lower than 5-stars by using Monster Coins.Upgrade requires a monster of the same grade.

  [ Enhancement ]
Only 5-star monsters can be Enhanced. Enhancement requires Monster Coins and Trial Tokens, and ranges from Lv. 1 to 10. Enhancement can succeed according to a set chance, and there is no penalty in case of failure.






Monsters have their own synergy. (Normal monster x 1, Apostle monsters x 2)
Use synergy to create stronger combinations!



Manage Strategy

A menu where you deploy monsters that will fight in the Monster Colosseum.
Up to 5 monsters can be strategically deployed in 9 sections.
Depending on the combination of monsters, synergy effects can be added to create stronger decks.
The Normal Deck is used in Story mode and Free Arena, and the Ranked Deck is used in Ranked Arena.
You can mask two monsters in the Ranked Deck to hide monster information from your opponent.



Story Mode

[ Stage ]
This stage is the basis of the Monster Colosseum.
If you clear up to Stage 20, you can access additional content such as Tower of Trials, Ranked Arena, and Black Market.

  [ Tower of Trials ]
This content is opened after clearing Stage 20.
Try the Black Market and Enhancement content with Token of Trials that can only be obtained here!






Match Mode

[ Free Arena - Normal Match ]
A match where you search for a grade and compete with one of the users who corresponds to the grade. Use 3 Energy and earn winning rewards according to your grade.

[ Free Arena - Custom Match ]
A match where you can compete against users by searching for the Explorer Club name. Energy is not consumed and rewards are not given.
Compete against your friends!

  [ Ranked Arena ]
This content is opened after clearing stage 20. Energy is deducted when entering a ranked arena.
Depending on the result, rank points are acquired, and the tier of the arena is reflected in real time.








Battle Screen

Icon Description
Controls the speed of the battle.
Can be set to 1 or 2 times faster.
Only Monsters with Active Skills are able to use this button.
Skills can be used with A.S.D.F.G keys. Each skill has its own cooldown.
Button used to forfeit the battle.
If you can already see that you cannot win, or if your strategy is not working,
you can click the forfeit button to end the battle quickly.
Please note the energy you consumed will not be restored!

Auto-play can be turned on/off.
If turned on, it automatically uses all monsters active skills.

Adjusts enemy monsters attack effect opacity.
Moving the slider to the left makes the effect more transparent.

Displays the damage of each monster currently in battle.
Shows the damage of your monsters in Story Mode
and the damage of the opponent's monsters is also displayed in Match Mode.




There are various achievements in Monster Colosseum.
Achieve daily and accumulative achievements and earn rewards!



Dr. Miracle Shop

Use Colosseum Tokens() to purchase reward items from NPC Dr. Miracle in the Seria's Room.

Icon Item Description Price
[Event] Mythic-only Option Kaleido Box (1) Contains 1 [Event] Mythic-only Option Kaleido Box.
[Event] Mythic-only Option Kaleido Box cannot be traded.
150 2 per week / account
Released Sirocco Abyssal Chest Contains 1 Sirocco Set Pot of your choice. The generated pot randomly generates 1 Immateriality/Subconscious/Phantasm equipment for the selected set. Available Sirocco Equipment Pots: Nex, Assassin, Roxy, Rodos, and Gatekeeper 300 Once per account
Musical Note Box (1000) Contains 1000 Musical Notes. Musical Notes can be exchanged for various items through Himan Stella located in Seria's Room and the Nameless Village. Can also be exchanged for the more valuable Gold Musical Notes. 100 3 per account
Gold Musical Note Box (500) Contains 500 Gold Musical Notes. Gold Musical Notes can be exchanged for valuable items through Himan Stella located in Seria's Room and the Nameless Village. 150 5 per account
Rare Avatar Option Change Cube Changes a selected Rare Avatar stat. 200 Once per account
Creature Growth Stone Box Contains 1 Creature Growth Stone.
This item's contents cannot be traded, but are permanent.
150 Once per account
Character Size Increase Costume Box Contains 1 Character Size Increase Costume.
This item's contents cannot be traded, but are permanent.
150 Once per account
Character Size Reduction Costume Box Contains 1 Character Size Reduction Costume.
This item's contents cannot be traded, but are permanent.
150 Once per account
Monster Coin Box (900) Contains 900 Monster Coins that can be used in the Monster Colosseum.
You can check your Coins in Dr. Miracle's Monster Colosseum.
80 Once per week /
Monster Colosseum 20 Energy Recharger Recharges 20 Energy for the Monster Colosseum.
Energy can be recharged past the maximum limit.
Surplus Energy will not be reset daily at 09:00 UTC.
10 2 per week / account


# Please note

  • Once you clear the event quest, all characters in the account can use the Monster Colosseum content.
  • The Monster Colosseum can only be accessed through NPC Dr. Miracle in the Seria's Room. (Not available inside dungeons or special channels such as Arena, Raid, etc.)
  • Monster Coins, Summon Tickets, and Trial Tokens obtained from Monster Colosseum Event are exclusive to the Monster Colosseum event and do not affect the actual Dungeon Fighter Online character's stats or items.
  • The daily standard for the event is 09:00 UTC. The recovery of energy and Daily Mission of achievements are also reset at 09:00 UTC.
  • Among the rewards obtained from the Daily Missions, Accumulative Missions and stages of the Monster Colosseum, Colosseum Tokens and Summon Tickets are sent to the mailbox to the connected character.
  • When you receive an item from your mailbox, you can see how many you currently have in the event calendar and in the Dr. Miracle Shop. (Postal storage period of 15 days)
  • Monsters that are deleted or used as upgrade materials cannot be restored.
  • Monster Traits and Skills cannot be reselected once selected.
  • All rewards will be deleted at 09:00, JAN 18, 2022 UTC.
  • All items available for purchase in the store are account-bound.

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