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Reminiscence of Arad


Feb 23, 2016 (UTC)


Period : Feb 23 ~ Mar 8, 2016 (UTC), until maintenance

Event Target : Lv. 55+ Characters


# How to Participate in the Event


Step 1
Check the mission by clicking the event HUD icon.









Step 2
Unlock the seal of the [Gate of Will] by talking to NPC Annis in Underfoot Harbor.









Step 3
Venture into Mirror Arad through the [Gate of Will] to begin your new adventures!
★  As West Coast has been opened, you will receive a [West Coast Teleport Potion] upon logging in with a Lv. 55+ character every day. Use this potion to teleport to the West Coast!






Step 4
You will acquire rewards for each mission after playing in Mirror Arad.
★ You will also randomly encounter Hell Mode while playing in Mirror Arad with a party! Take your shot at Hell Mode by playing in a party!












# Event Mission and Reward


Play in Mirror Arad every day to receive the following rewards!






  Log in with Lv. 55 Character

  West Coast Teleport Potion X1
  - Teleports you to West Coast.

Account Bound
Deleted at 09:00(UTC) 2016.03.08 


  Play Mirror Arad 1x

  x2 Growth Potion X1 


  Play Mirror Arad 10x

  Fatigue Recovery Potion(78) X1


  Play Mirror Arad 50x

  Endless Eternity Set X1
  - Contains 100x Endless Eternity.


  Play Mirror Arad 100x

  Powerful Energy Set X1
  - Contains 100x Powerful Energy.


  Play Mirror Arad with a party 1x

  Party Recovery Potion X5
  - Recovers 100% of HP and MP of your party members.


  Play Mirror Arad with a party 10x

  Hell Party Free Pass X1


Please Note

- Daily mission are reset at 09:00 (UTC) every day.
- All missions can be shared account wide.
- Rewards can be claimed once per account and it is sent to the inventory upon clicking 'Get.'


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