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Hell in the Coliseum


Feb 23, 2016 (UTC)


Period : Feb 23 ~ Mar 08, 2016 (UTC), until maintenance


Fighters! Finally, this is the chance to show everyone how strong you are!
The more wins you achieve, the more chances of winning DFO merchandise and Coliseum Avatar!


# How to participate


The rule is simple. Just win at the Coliseum as many times as you can during the period!
During the maintenance on Mar 8 2016, we will count 100 fighters who won the matches most at the Coliseum.
Please refer to Coliseum content page for more details about this new kind of Arena.

Go to Coliseum content page


# Reward




Amount of Coliseum Stamp rewards

DFO Merchandise




DFO 10th Anniv. OST
DFO T-shirt.
DFO Bottle
DFO Echo Bag
DFO Post Card
DFO Banner

* Please refer to the images below

Coliseum Avatar Gold



Coliseum Avatar Silver




Coliseum Avatar Red Bronze




Coliseum Avatar Blue Bronze


 Coliseum Avatar

* Slayer (M/F), Dark Knight


* Fighter (M/F)


* Gunner (M/F)


Mage (M/F), Creator


* Thief / Priest


* Knight


DFO Merchandise

10th Anniversary Special Edition OST (to be released soon)


DFO Post Card (Front)
DFO Post Card (Back)


DFO Bottle


DFO Danjin Eco Bag (Front)
DFO Danjin Eco Bag (Back)


DFO Banner (Front)
DFO Banner (Back)


DFO Shirts (Black)
DFO Shirts (White)


Please Note
 - The number of matches includes the accumulated numbers of single victories (not streak ones).
 - The number of matches is counted only during the event period.
 - The number of matches are counted per character not per account.
 - If you are disconnected during the match, it is not counted towards your number of matches.
 - Top 10 winners must provide postal address when asked through registered Email to receive the rewards. 
 - Some of the DFO merchandise rewards can be omitted depending on the stock.
 - Coliseum Avatars will be sent to mailbox during the Mar 8, 2016 maintenance.
 - The rewards will be given after the event.


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