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The Ultimate New Year's Gift Box


Jan 04, 2022 (UTC)

Obtain countless rewards with overflowing gift boxes!


How to Participate

After logging in, press the receive button and obtain "Happy New Year Random Box (50)".
"Happy New Year Random Box (50)" is only given once per account.
If you accidentally turned off the gift receiving window, you can access it through the Event Calendar.


Happy New Year Random Box (50)
Contains 50 Happy New Year Random Boxes.

Obtain "The Ultimate New Year's Gift Boxes" by defeating monsters in Optimal Level Dungeons.
"The Ultimate New Year's Gift Box" can be obtained at a maximum of 20 per day in Optimal Level Dungeons.
Open the Gift Box to check out the rewards! There is a chance that another Gift Box will appear.
Please note that you can open multiple items with Shift + Right Click.


Happy New Year Random Box
Obtain one of the following items randomly:
[Event] Time's Guide Stone x3
Remy's Sparkling Touch Pouch (1)
Toy of Sparkling World (1)
Creature Food Box (2)
Growth Contract (1 Day)
Cube Contract (1 Day)
Tactician's Contract (1 Day)
Conqueror's Contract (1 Day)
Kaleido Box (1)
[Event] Master Kaleido Box
[Event] Mythic-only Option Kaleido Box
Happy New Year Random Box x 1


# Please note

  • Only characters Lv. 17 or above can participate in this event.
  • All event rewards are sent as account-bound, and will be deleted at 09:00, JAN 18, 2022 UTC.
  • The number of items acquired in Optimal Level Dungeons are shared by account.

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