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Feb 23, 2016 (UTC)


TransfoMachine has come back!
This time, with Meteors!


Period : Feb 23 ~ Mar 8, 2016 (UTC), until maintenance


# How to Participate in the Event


Let's recycle the unused material items in inventory and storage.

* Material items that can be put into TransfoMachine are limited. Please refer to the table below.


You can obtain useful meteors from TransfoMachine located in Underfoot.

-  If material items are put into TransfoMachine output items will be created depending on the input amount.


How to exchange materials

- Click TransfoMachine and UI will pop up so that you can put an item into it.
- Click 'change' button and TransfoMachine will operate.
- It will create a box containing various meteors


* The rewards will go directly to your inventory or mailbox if it is full.
* New material items from the box are random.

Please refer to the chart below for exchangeable materials.

# Details


Materials to Meteors

* Exchangeable materials

  Rusty Iron Scrap 30   Aquamarine 10
  Worn Leather 30   Diamond 10
  Cloth Scrap 30   Seal of Keldon Xavi 10
  Weathered Bone Fragment 30   Seal of Empress Skardi 10
  Raw Hardener 30   Seal of Emperor Helm 10
  Raw Paving Stone 30   Seal of Lady Shannon Myre 10
  Onyx 10   Low Grade Elemental Crystal 30
  Obsidian 10   High Grade Elemental Crystal 10
  Blood Stone 10      


Low grade Meteors to High grade Meteors

  Arad Meteor 10
Black Meteor 5


Black Meteor 10
Blue Meteor 5


Blue Meteor 10
Glowing Meteor 5


  Glowing Meteor 10
Burning Meteor 5

* You can exchange lower grade Meteors to higher grade Meteor boxes with TransfoMachine.
* Each boxes generates 5 meteors, but sometimes generation amount is doubled.


Area materials to Meteor

Immature Mushroom Spores 10
Old City Legacy 10
Floating Ore 10
Kingdom Token 10
Behemoth Scale Fragment 10
GBL Tome 10
Black Meteor 1~5


Iced Wall Fragment 10
Nightmare Orb Shard 10
Kartel Order 10
Cover Fragment 10
Firewood 10
Sliced Meat 10
Ammo Cartridge 10
Rifle Parts 10
Gun Cleaning Tools 10
Monkey Rench 10
Makeup Kit 10
Rough Mecha Parts 10
Bulletproof Iron Fragments 10
Kartel Officer's Medal 10
Gizel's Guard Badge 10
Blue Meteor 1~5


Kartel Medal 10
Pirate Ring 10
Master Pirate Ring 10
Heavenly Pearl 10
Solid Turtle Shell 10
Electrical Compenent 10
Glowing Meteor 1~5



During the event period, you can purchase Transcendence Stones with Meteors in Seria's Shop.
For limited time, limited quantity only.
Do not miss this chance!


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