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The Holy Path


Jan 18, 2022 (UTC)


EVENT 1. Road Map Point & Rewards

Any Buffer character of Lv. 95 or higher can participate!

Click the play guide button at the top. The event
is divided into Exploration / Experiential Chapters.





The Experiential Chapter is a mission that can only be achieved once during the event period.
The Exploration Chapter is a mission that can be achieved repeatedly during the event period.
You can obtain up to 2,200 points each week in the Exploration Chapter.

This is a Road Map where you can use points acquired through Experiential / Exploration Chapter. The Road Map can be opened by clicking on the HUD icon ().








Road Map Point Rewards

Item Description
Life Token Box (10) (Buffer Exclusive) Generates 10 Life Tokens.
Fatigue 30 Recovery Potion (Buffer Exclusive) Restores 30 Fatigue.
Your Class Rune Random Box (Buffer Exclusive) Randomly generates 1 Common - Rare Rune for your class.
Single-use Weapon Refiner (Buffer Exclusive) Creates a chance of refining equipment. Can only be used on the following Lv. 100 Epic weapons: For the Sacred, Resplendent Glory, World Tree Spirit, and Pure White Prayer.
The Holy Path Rental Equipment Permanent Change Ticket Changes the Armor, Accessories, and Special Equipment rented from NPC Runa for permanent use. The original equipment's Enchantment effects and equipment grade are retained. Changing for permanent use makes the equipment Inheritable.
Your Class Unique Rune Random Box (Buffer Exclusive) Randomly generates 1 Unique Rune for your class. The generated Rune is issued in untradable form.
Unlimited Mind Stimulant Potion [Temporary] Box (Buffer Exclusive) Generates 1 Unlimited Mind Stimulant Potion [Temporary]. The contents cannot be traded.
Unlimited Mind Stimulant Potion [Temporary] Add this item to a quick slot to decrease all skill cooldown -20% inside dungeons. This item cannot be used directly, and no longer takes effect when removed from quick slots. Shares cooldown with Mind Stimulant Potions, Time Crystals, Behemoth Nostrums, and Purified Iced Wall Fragments. (This item cannot be used in the Arena, town, Fight, or Training Center - Challenge mode.)
Mythic Conversion Token 1+1 Box (Buffer Exclusive) Generates 1 Mythic Conversion Token and 1 Mythic Conversion Token (Buffer Exclusive).
Mythic Conversion Token Converts Mythic equipment. The original item doesn't appear as the resulting item. The original item disappears when converted, and all its options (Reinforcement/Amplification/Enchantment levels, Mythic-only options, etc.) will be reset. Armor is converted into Armor of the same texture; Armor obtained from converting Accessories and Special Equipment is given in its default texture.
Lv. 100 Epic Weapon Selection Box (Buffer Exclusive) Enables you to select a Lv. 100 Epic Broomstick or Cross. The resulting item cannot be disassembled. If destroyed during the Reinforcement/Amplification process, it does not yield Epic Souls.
100% +5 Refinement Ticket (Buffer Exclusive) Refines selected equipment to +5, regardless of its current level. Can only be used on the following Lv. 100 Epic weapons: For the Sacred, Resplendent Glory, World Tree Spirit, and Pure White Prayer.
The Holy Path Accessory Bead (All Stats, Buffer Exclusive) A Bead that can be used on Accessories. STR/INT/VIT/SPR +55
Ore of Despair Box (500) (Buffer Exclusive) Generates 500 Ore of Despair. These items can be used at NPC Judy Ringwood's Shop to buy Destructive Energy and Fearsome Eyes, or at Lemidia Chrysos: The Golden Altar to convert equipment options.
Dark Night's Remains Box (100) (Buffer Exclusive) Generates 100 Dark Night's Remains. This item can be used at NPC Lucille Redmayne or Adjutant Helga Shop to buy Capella's Stigma Talisman Selection Boxes, Unique Rune Selection Boxes, or Talisman Readjusters, or at Lemidia Capella: Holy Fire of Light to upgrade Talismans and Runes.
Petal Quartz Box (120) (Buffer Exclusive) Generates 120 Petal Quartz. This item can be used to convert options and equipment at Lemidia Basilica: The Altar of Purification or The Forge of Light, to shop at the Sirocco the Intangible Raid Shop, or as a Quest material.
1+1 Silver Amplification Grimoire Box (Buffer Exclusive) Generates 1 Silver Amplification Grimoire and 1 Silver Amplification Grimoire
(Buffer Exclusive).
Silver Amplification Grimoire Adds a Dimensional ability of your choice and amplifies items to +3 - +6, depending on the Amplification rate. Overwrites the target item's current Amplification level. Can't be used on Otherversal Energy equipment. The same Dimensional ability cannot be added more than once. Can only be used on Lv. 55 Rare or better equipment.
Liberated Subconscious Pot (Buffer Exclusive) Randomly generates one of the following items:
Immaterial Essence, Sirocco Epic Bottom, Ring, or Sub Equipment.
[Event] 1+1 Mythic-only Option Kaleido Box (Buffer Exclusive) Generates 1 [Event] Mythic-only Option Kaleido Box and
1 [Event] Mythic-only Option Kaleido Box (Buffer Exclusive).
[Event] Mythic-only Option Kaleido Box Enables you to select and change 1 Mythic-only option on Mythic equipment. The other unselected Mythic options are retained. For Lv. 100 Mythic equipment only.
Watcher in the Rift Ticket Box (10) (Buffer Exclusive) Generates 10 Watcher in the Rift Tickets. These Tickets enable you to enter the Watcher in the Rift or Guide of Extinction dungeon. 1 count is consumed upon entry.
Watcher in the Rift Ticket Enables you to enter the Watcher in the Rift or Guide of Extinction dungeon. 1 count is consumed upon entry. If you also have the Entry materials in your inventory, then these Ticket items are consumed first. To enter the Guide of Extinction dungeon, you first must save enough Watchful Energy as it is also required in addition to Tickets and entry materials.
Your Class Lv. 95 Unique Talisman Random Box (Buffer Exclusive) Randomly generates a Lv. 95 Unique Talisman for your class.


EVENT 2. Equipment Rental

We will lend Epic Equipment to any Buffer character of Lv.95 of higher!

Login as a Lv. 95 Buffer character to
rent equipment from NPC Runa in the Seria's Room.

You can rent Lv. 100 upgraded
Epic Equipment with Enchantment effects.




EVENT 3. Buffer Exclusive Buff

All Buffer Characters will be provided with Exclusive Buffs starting from Lv. 1 during the Event!

Lv. 1 - 49 Lv. 50 - 79 Lv. 80 - 100
+3 Refinement +5 Refinement +7 Refinement


EVENT 4. Free Raid Entry Fee

During the event period, the entry fee for all Raids is free for Buffer characters.


# Please note

  • All rewards will be deleted at 09:00, FEB 22, 2022 UTC.
  • Rental Equipment will be deleted daily.
  • Buff Enhancement Equipment cannot be rented.

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