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Elven Rush


Mar 22, 2022 (UTC)


Adventurer, step forth from Elvenielle and bring back various treasures hidden in the forest by monsters.



Leaving the Forest

Enter Elvenielle through the
NPC Arwen in Seria's Room.

Talk to the blacksmith NPC Curufin
in Elvenielle to leave the forest.

Outside the forest, there are
terrifying traps set up by monsters.
As the stage level rises, there are more traps and the difficulty will also increase.






Guide for Elven Rush!

Elven Rush consists of a total of 20 stages.
As you proceed through the stages, the number of traps and the difficulty will increase.



Obtainable Reward Count

1 Obtainable Reward Count for Elven Rush is added once every day at 09:00 (UTC).
The added Reward Count can be accumulated up to 3 times.
If it is accumulated more than 3 times, the reward count is no longer added.
As long as the Obtainable Reward Count is 1 or above, there is no limit to entering the dungeon.
However, the Obtainable Reward Count is deducted by 1 each time you obtain a reward.
Also, you cannot enter the dungeon anymore when the Obtainable Reward Count is 0. 



Traps Set by Monsters!

There are various traps hidden in Elven Rush.
Fortunately, we were able to figure out which traps were set with the power of the Elves of Elvenielle.

Image Description
The arrow key is randomly changed for 5 seconds in a specific map in this dungeon.
There is a portal connected to another map in a specific map in this dungeon.
Get the Elven Incense by breaking the yellow jar located in a specific map in the dungeon.
Use the Elven Incense to defeat the invincible monster that stands in your way.
A tornado appears that prevents your movement for a certain period of time in a specific map in this dungeon.
A blizzard blows after set intervals of time in this dungeon.



Dungeon Clear Rewards!

The rewards of Elven Rush are divided into two categories.
They are , which can be obtained when the stage of the dungeon
is cleared for the first time during the event period, and ,
which can be obtained when clearing the dungeon after obtaining the first clear reward.
Depending on the stage, the number and type of rewards that can be obtained is changed.
Item Description Requirements

Vandrassil's Leaf
A leaf from the world tree that signifies Elvenielle's prosperity. It glows a faint gold from the sacred powers of Vandrassil. Can be used to be traded with various items NPC Galad located in Elvenielle. - First Clear Reward
- Repeated
Clear Reward

[Event] Time's Guide Stone
A stone imbued with the energy of the Time Lords, created to stop the Transcended.
It detects the Transcended that appear inside the spacetime rifts.
- If you have other entrance materials in your inventory for Guide of Wisdom /
Watcher in the Rift / Guide of Extinction, [Event] Time's Guide Stone will be used first. 
[Event] Time's Guide Stone can be used together with other entrance materials.
- First Clear Reward
- Repeated
Clear Reward

Mythic Conversion Token
Converts Mythic equipment. The original item doesn't appear as the resulting item.
The original item disappears when converted, and all its options (Reinforcement/Amplification/Enchantment levels, Mythic-only options, etc.) will be reset.
- First Clear Reward




# Please note

  • All stage clear rewards are sent immediately to your inventory.
  • All stage rewards will be deleted at 09:00, APR 19, UTC.
  • All mission rewards are given as account-bound.
  • All dungeons do not display the minimap.

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