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Elven Ring


Mar 22, 2022 (UTC)



How to Participate

Obtain Elven Jewel Pouches
by playing Optimal Level Dungeons.

Go to NPC Feanor in Elvenielle
and craft the Jewels you obtained!





Elven Jewel Pouch A pouch filled with Jewels that can only be crafted by elves.
Contains 1 out of 7 types of Jewels. Jewels can be refined into
rings that provide special buffs by NPC Feanor located in Elvenielle.
Diamond Equipping this jewel increases Physical/Magical Defense by 5000.
Opal Equipping this jewel increases Hunting / Dungeon Clear EXP gain by 100%.
Emerald Equipping this jewel decreases cooldowns by 10%.
Topaz Equipping this jewel increases Physical/Magical Critical Chance by 5%.
Sapphire Equipping this jewel increases MP Recovery by 35.
Ruby Equipping this jewel increases Skill Atk. by 10%.
Amethyst Equipping this jewel increases Attack/Movement/Casting Speed by 20%.

* The chance of each Jewel appearing in the Jewel Pouch varies depending on the Jewel.
* All Jewels obtained from the Jewel Pouch are stored in the account inventory.


Refining Jewels

Number Description
1 Check the number of Jewels you currently have.
If you click the desired Jewel, the Jewel will be added to the to the ring in area #2.
2 Craft a ring by clicking the Craft Ring button.
A ring can only be crafted when 3 jewels have been added to the ring, and after the ring is completed
you can reset it at any time by using the Recraft button.
Jewels added to the ring can be removed by clicking directly on the Jewels on the ring.
Shows the detailed effect of the currently crafted ring.
3 A list of rings that can be crafted.
When a set effect is found, a description of the Set Effect is added.
If the ring has not been crafted, clicking the slot of each jewel combination will automatically add 3 corresponding jewels to the ring.


Set Effects

Category Description
Dungeon A Set Effect that allows you to receive various benefits for dungeon play.
It consists of effects that increase dungeon rewards or make dungeon play more convenient.
The buff shared by the Party/Raid Group is applied based on whether the Party Leader/Raid Group Leader has the buff.
Character A Set Effect that can strengthen your character.
It consists of effects that increase skill levels or reinforce equipment.
Utility A Set Effect that increases utility.
It consists of effects that make gameplay convenient.

*All Set Effects can be checked through the buff icon at the bottom-left side of the screen.


# Please note

  • This event can be participated in by account.
  •  All Set Effects are updated in real time.
  • Set Effects have a limit on the number of dungeon plays or a time limit depending on the type.
  • Set Effects with a limit on the number of dungeon plays will be deducted upon clearing the dungeon and the counts will be deducted only in dungeons to which the buff is applied.
  • All Set Effects are reset at 09:00 UTC every day, regardless of the time remaining or the number of counts.
  • Party/Raid buff count will still be decreased when entering applicable content even if you are not the party/Raid Group leader.
  • Raid buff count will still be decreased when entering modes they are not applied in.
    Ex.) Buffs that are applied only in Sirocco Normal/Hard Mode will still be consumed when clearing Guide/Squad Mode.

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