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Spacetime Traveling System


Apr 19, 2022 (UTC)




How to Participate

Meet the Spacetime Traveler located in
Hendon Myre Square to receive an exclusive Quest.

After clearing the Quest, talk to her again
and go on a Normal/Special Spacetime Travel.




Spacetime Travel Guide

Number Description
1 You can choose between Normal Spacetime Travel, which can be entered by using a Ticket,
and Special Spacetime Travel, which can be entered when Dimensional Energy is charged 100%.
2 Dimensional Energy that can travel through special Spacetime.
Dimensional Energy is charged by 10% when clearing a normal Spacetime Travel dungeon once.
When Dimensional Energy reaches 100%, the number of Spacetime Travel entries increases by one.
3 When moving between timelines to prevent Dimensional Distortion,
the dungeon you enter will change depending on the position of the hour hand of the clock.
4 You can check the Story by clicking.
5 Information of the Dungeon you will travel to.
6 Information on rewards that can be obtained from the selected dungeon.
You can receive rewards such as Lv. 100 Epic/Mythic equipment.
7 You can check the entry information for Normal Spacetime Travel / Special Spacetime Travel.
8 Start Spacetime Travel to the currently selected dungeon.


Normal Spacetime Travel Description Special Spacetime Travel
Use Spacetime Spectrometer
How to Enter Available to enter when Dimensional Energy is 100%
8 Fatigue Point Use 8
10% of Dimensional Energy charged for each clear TIP Story can progress when entered at a specific time


Spacetime Travel Guide

Rewards are sent to your inventory after you complete all event quests in a Special Spacetime Travel.

Spacetime Traveler Aura Box

Contains the Spacetime Traveler Aura Avatar. 
Aura is given as permanent, untradable and cannot be sundered.

The Box is Account-bound and the Aura is Untradable
The Aura Box will be deleted at 09:00, MAY 31, 2022 UTC.




# Please note

  • 3 additional Special Spacetime Travel stories will be opened every week.

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