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Level-Up Booster: Activated!


Apr 19, 2022 (UTC)


How to Participate

Only one event character can be created per account and cannot be deleted or reassigned.


Create Character

Click the Create Character button
on the character selection window.
Select 'Create Event Character', to create
an event character with Fast Leveling Mode applied.

Enjoy Fast Leveling Mode

Fast Leveling Mode consumes
3 fatigue points only to enter dungeons!
Enjoy a quicker Fast Leveling Mode than before!







Get Level-up Rewards

Get a various rewards each time you reach a certain level!
Along with Growing weapons and armor sets
that can only be used by Event Characters!

Get Mission Rewards

Various missions after reaching Lv. 100!
Clear the missions and get all the rewards
including Lv. 100 Epic, Mythic and more!





*If you designate an Blitz as an Event Character, you will enter the Fast Leveling Mode after clearing the scenario dungeons.
and to compensate for the Fatigue used in the scenario dungeons, 1 Fatigue 45 Recovery Potion will be sent via mail.



Level-Up Missions & Rewards

Whenever you achieve a certain level, click the event icon () to get a Level-Up reward!

Lv. 10 Lv. 20 Lv. 30 Lv. 40
+10 Reinforced Growing Phoenix Weapon Selection Box
Level-Up Booster Recovery Potion x20
[Event] Inventory Expansion Ticket x1 Silver Safe Upgrade Kit x1
Life Token Box (3)
[Event] Inventory Expansion Ticket x 1
Level-Up Booster Recovery Potion x20
Lv. 50 Lv. 60 Lv. 70 Lv. 80
Life Token Box (3)
[Event] Growing Armor Selection Box (30 Days)
Ring of Combat Quest Clear Ticket Level-Up Booster Recovery Potion x20 Life Token Box (3)
Master Contract Package (3 Days)
Lv.90 Lv.95 Lv.100
Fatigue 30 Recovery Potion
[Event] Fragmented Abyss Set Equipment Selection Box
Lv. 100 Legendary Equipment Full Set Box
+7 Reinforced Memories of the Black Crusade Weapon Selection Box
[Event] Fragmented Abyss Set Weapon S Selection Box



Event Mission Guide


- Steady Training! : Always available so you can perform missions at any time.
- Other Categories : When you clear missions fo each stage in order,
the next stage's mission and category will be opened.

2 Clear missions only with currently opened missions and obtain clear rewards.
3 You can raise the Mission Count in advance if you meet the required conditions for a
mission that has not yet been opened yet. Rewards can be obtained after the area is opened.


Event Mission Main Rewards

Steady Training! Level-Up!


Spacetime Spectrometer Selection Box
(Untradable x20 or Account-bound x15)
Raid Entry Ticket Selection Box x2


Legendary Insignia Selection Box
Unique Gem Selection Box x4

Farming Basics! For a New Me!


Lv. 100 Upgrade Epic Full Set Box (Temporary)
Random Lv. 100 Unique Talisman Box (Your Class)


[Event] Lv. 100 Untradable Mythic Equipment Pot
Sirocco Equipment Random Pot
Level-Up Booster Epic Equipment Permanent Change Ticket

*Rewards other than the main rewards can be chcked in the game in more detail.



# Please note

[Select Event Character]
* This event can be participated by 1 character per account.
* Only selected characters through [Select Event Character] can participate in this event.
* You can participate in the event by creating a new character or designating an existing character.
* After selecting an event character, you cannot delete or reassign another character.
* Event characters can be deleted after the event is over.
* Event characters can access the Arena channel after reaching Lv. 100.


[Fast Leveling Mode]
* You cannot use any of Growth Potions in Fast Leveling Mode.
* Experience will not be given for dungeons that have already been cleared.


[Level-Up Reward]
* Level-up Rewards are sent directly to your Inventory, and will be sent by mail if your Inventory is full.
* The Level-Up Box and their contents are untradable.

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