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The Visitor from Twilight


Mar 22, 2016 (UTC)


You have gravely mistaken
to underestimate me.

I maybe a thief but what I take is
always of great importance.


If you value your life,
then take heed my friend.

Next time we meet, you might be on my agenda












Now is the perfect time
to level up a thief





The light that shines through darkness, the Master of lost souls, 
the Dancer of the silent flame and the Reaper from the shadow.
Meet the deadliest ladies who have arrived in DFO!


Period: Mar 22 ~ Apr 19, 2016 (UTC), until maintenance
Target: New/Old Thief Characters


# Benefit 1. Party Buff


A party bonus granted for playing with a Thief!

Thief 1

Hunt EXP 120%

Thieves 2

Hunt EXP 150%

Thieves 3~4

Hunt EXP 200%













# Benefit 2. +7 Reinforced, +3 Refined Unique Weapon Rental




If you ar a thief, click the icon

and rent a +7 reinforced, +3 refined
weapon that suits your advancement and level!

Faster hunting with more powerful weapons!













# Benefit 3. Chronicle Item


Get Chronicle Items and Achievement Clearance Ticket~

Requirements Reward
Character Login Chronicle Box for Thief
(Account Bound / Once per account)
1st Awakening
1st Awakening Clear Ticket
(Account Bound)
2nd Awakening
2nd Awakening Clear Ticket
(Account Bound)
Use Lv. 85 skill 20x Achievement Quest Clearance Ticket
(Account Bound)
Clear Optimal
Level Dungeon 1x
x3 Growth Potion [30min]
(Account Bound)
Clear Optimal
Level Dungeon 10x
Growth Capsule [5%]
(Account Bound)
Use Lv. 85 skill 5x Visitor's Box
(Accont Bound / Once per account)














* Please Note:
- Chronicle Box and Visitor's Box can only be received once per account.
- Rewards for 'Complete 1st Awakening, Complete 2nd Awakening, Use Lv. 85 skill 20x, Clear Optimal Level Dungeon 1x, Clear Optimal Level Dungeon 10x' can be received by all thief characters on the account.
- Only 'Thief' characters can use 1st awakening and 2nd awakening clear ticket.
- For 'Use Lv. 85 skill 5x,' the requirement is shared account wide.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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