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DFO Twitter Account Launch Event


May 31, 2022 (UTC)

Follow DFO Twitter!

Follow our official DFO Twitter account!
Participate in monthly events to get exclusive rewards!



Come to meet Twee-FO!

Click NPC Twee-FO in Seria's Room!

Obtain the DFO Twitter launch speical rewards!




Twee-FO Celebration Box!

Celebration Box
Contains Faithful Owl, 10 Echo Megaphones, and 10 Remy's Sparkling Touch
Faithful Owl.png Faithful Owl Use this item to have the Owl bring your safe to your current location. Can be used in town and dungeons. This item cannot take effect if used in Seria's Room or while your Storage is opened. (Can be used permanently.)
Echo Megaphone.png Echo Megaphone
(Account Bound)
Use a Heartbeat Megaphone to send a message to all channels on your current server.
Can't be used in Village Idiot mode. Messages can't be sent to those who blocked you.
Remy's Sparkling Touch.png Remy's Sparkling Touch Restore 30% of HP. Restore 30% of MP. Cures harmful status effects at all character levels.


# Please note

  • Twee-FO Celebration Box has no expiration date.
  • Twitter SNS rewards can be obtained by participating DFO Twitter exclusive event.

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