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Path of The Seasoned Surfer Returns!


Jun 14, 2022 (UTC)

Surfing Season is back!
A lot of adventurers are enjoying the warmth by surfing on Hendon Myre's beaches.
Wait, you don't know how to surf? Don't worry, there's a weekly training course being held at the Surfing Shop.
Attend easy to pro courses regularly and you'll become a great surfer in no time!




How to Participate

Clear Optimal Level
Dungeons 3 times.
(Limited to 3 clears daily per account)

Click on the HUD icon above the Fatigue Point Bar.

Receive rewards based on your arrival location.







Path to Registering for a Course

Move to the Shop over the course of 3 days.



Path Rewards

Obtainment Location Item Description
Waypoint 1 Waveswept Box Contains a Mythic Conversion Token.
Waypoint 2 Waveswept Box Contains a Mythic Conversion Token.
Waypoint 3
(Arrival at Surfing Shop)
Shop Welcome Gift A gift of gratitude given for visiting the shop. Contains 1 Guiding Light.






Home Beginner Intermediate Experienced Pro
Start JUN 14 - JUN 21 JUN 21 - JUN 28 JUN 28 - JUL 05 JUL 05 - JUL 12
  • Each course has a intensive practice period.
  • You will start out in a fixed location regardless of the current date when first participating in the event. The training courses will follow the order as shown above.
  • Adventurers who start the event anew or did not arrive within the practice period of a course must complete registration for previous courses in order to attend the latest course.
  • Surfing Practice Missions for courses that haven't been reached within the practice period will not be activated, while the next course can be reached the following day immediately.




Example Course Participation Mission Reward
Obtainment Location Item Description
Repeat Course Participation Mission 
Course Participation Gift
A gift given for participating in the Surfing Event. Contains a Single-use Equipment Reinforcer, Single-use Weapon Refiner, or Single-use Equipment Amplifier of your choice.


Arriving at a course during the practice period will activate Surfing Practice Missions for the remainder of the course schedule.

Surfing Practice Missions can be completed by clearing Optimal Level Dungeons 3 times.
Course Participation Gift will be issued as a reward.




#Please Note

  • This event can be participated in once a day, regardless of whether it is done through moving on the Path to the Surfing Shop or through Surfing Practice.
  • Boxes earned from the event are given as account-bound, and will be deleted at 09:00, JUL 12, 2022 UTC.
  • The latest course available will open according to the Course Schedule every week. Arriving at the Shop of the latest course will lead to the repetition of Surfing Practice Missions starting the following day.

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