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Stop Right There You Criminal Scum!


Jun 14, 2022 (UTC)

Track down Criminal Scums to save Arad's law and order!

Use 20 Fatigue Points in Optimal Level Dungeons
to encounter Criminal Scum in the next dungeon.

Every successful arrest will give you Proof of Justice.
Criminal Scum appears up to three times a day per account.





Proof of Justice
A proof that justice has been served.
Visit NPC Chief Officer in Seria's Room to purchase event items with these.



Available Reward List

Icon Item Price () Purchase Limit

Police Aura Box
Contains an untradable Police Aura of your design choice.
*Contained Aura cannot be traded/sundered/combined/dyed.


Attack/Casting/Movement Speed +2%
Physical/Magical Critical Chance +5%
Town Movement Speed +20%

*Aura Avatar is given as permanent

12 3

Silhouette Avatar Box

Contains a Silhouette avatar. The avatar is given as permanent. 
This avatar covers the entire character.
*Contained Avatar cannot be traded/sundered/combined/dyed.

20 1

Sweet Donut (20)

Contains 20 Sweet Donuts.

Restore 30% of HP. Restore 30% of MP.

Cures harmful status effects at all character levels.  
Shares cooldown with Remy's Touch and Remy's Sparkling Touch.

3 N/A



#Please Note

  • Only characters Lv. 17 or above can participate in this event.
  • Fatigue consumed in an Optimal Level Dungeons are shared by account.
  • During party play, Criminal Scum will not appear regardless of the rest of the party's members chances if a party member doesn’t have chances left  to find Criminal Scum.
  • Unused box item and Sweet Donuts will be deleted at 9:00, JUL 12, 2022 UTC.

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