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Path to a New Adventure


Jul 12, 2022 (UTC)



How to Participate

Every time a character levels-up while between Lv. 110 and Lv. 100, New Story Boxes (50) are given!

Get New Story by clearing
Optimal Level Dungeons!

Trade them with various rewards
in the Himan Stella Shop!






How to get New Story Boxes

New Story Box (50)
A New Story Box is given every time you level up from Lv. 100!
(Up to 10 boxes per character are sent by mail)
New/Returning Adventurers have higher chance of getting New Stories!

New / Returning Adventurer    
- Adventurers with no login record between JUN 14, 2022
(TUE, after maintenance) - JUL 12, 2022 (TUE, before maintenance)
- Adventurers with Seria's Greeting





Himan Stella's Shop Main Rewards

The obtained New Story Boxes can be used to purchase various items.
Check them through the Himan Stella's Shop in Seria's Room or by pressing the () button in the notification area!


Main Rewards
Golden Beryl Box (50) Play Point (20) Liberated Ozma's Terror Chest Legacy of Lemidia Chrysos 
Fragmented Abyss Set
Weapon S Selection Box
Master Kaleido Box [Event] +12 Reinforced, +8 Refined Lv. 100
Epic Weapon (Temporary) & Permanent Change Ticket
Capella's Stigma
Talisman Selection Box
Repeatedly Purchasable Rewards
Himan Stella's All-Purpose Material Selection Box Golden Beryl Box (5)

         * Check in-game for the details of the rewards!
         * If opened incorrectly, The Liberated Ozma's Terror Chest and the +12 Reinforced, +8 Refined Lv. 100 Epic Weapon can be changed
            to the selection box through the Himan Stella's Refund Shop!
         * The +12 Reinforced, +8 Refined Lv. 100 Epic Weapon (Temporary) Conversion Scroll can be purchased three times per account.




# Please note

  • This event can be participated in by account.
  • All rewards are sent to your mailbox.
  • Repeatedly Purchasable Rewards do not have a purchase limit.
  • Unused item will be deleted at 09:00, SEP 6, 2022 UTC.

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