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DFO X DNF Duel Tournament


Jul 12, 2022 (UTC)

Who will be the victor of the DFO X DNF Duel Tournament?!



■ Tournament Info.

Schedule Requirements
 Application Period : JUL 12, 2022 - JUL 26, 2022 UTC
Contestant Announcement : AUG 1, 2022 UTC
One must fulfill both of the following requirements in order to apply.
-  Have a DFO account with a character that is Lv. 100 or higher.
-  Own a copy of DNF Duel (Steam version)



■ How to Apply

We are now gathering Adventurers from JUL 12 to JUL 26 (UTC) to take part in the DFO X DNF Duel Tournament!
Please fill out the following application and send it to before JUL 26, 2022 UTC.
We will carefully review each application and announce contestants on AUG 1, 2022 UTC.
Please fill out ALL the details in the following form to apply for the tournament.

Dungeon Fighter Online
IGN (Your in-game main character’s name)
Server (Cain or Sirocco)
Registered Email -
Discord ID -
(Please attach a screenshot of DFO with your IGN visible)
DNF Duel (Steam Only)
Rank -
Online ID -
Main character(s)
and sub characer(s)
Introduction (A short introduction about yourself)
(Please attach a screenshot of your Profile Page with your rank and online ID visible)



■ Tournament Participation

Ranking Rewards
Contestants for Round of 16 DNF Duel X DFO Promotion Box
Contestants for Quarterfinals DNF Duel X DFO Promotion Box
4th Place Victor DNF Duel X DFO Promotion Box
Clone Weapon Avatar
Rare Clone Avatar Set
3rd Place Victor DNF Duel X DFO Promotion Box
Hyperdimension Arad Package x1
Clone Weapon Avatar
Rare Clone Avatar Set
Runner-Up Champion DNF Duel X DFO Promotion Box
Hyperdimension Arad Package x2
Clone Weapon Avatar
Rare Clone Avatar Set
Grand Champion DNF Duel X DFO Promotion Box
Hyperdimension Arad Package x3
Clone Weapon Avatar
Rare Clone Avatar Set

* There will be a giveaway event of free DNF Duel game codes for viewers of the tournament.



Tournament Overview:


   A. Tournament Table​​​​

  • The tournament table will be drafted by Challonge. Images and links for the matchups will be made available through the stream.


   B. Double Elimination

  • Double elimination refers to tournament rules in which one is eliminated upon losing twice.
  • Losing once will put the person in the loser’s bracket where they can still win the tournament by winning all of their remaining matches.


   C. Matches

  • Contestants paired in the tournament table will compete until a victor is announced. Matches will initially be determined through a best of 3 rounds.
  • Matches for the Winner’s Bracket Finals, Loser’s Bracket Finals, and the Grand Final will be held as a best of 5 rounds.


   D. Position Selection

  • Contestants positioned at the top of their tournament table matchup will be assigned as Player 1, while those positioned at the bottom will be assigned as Player 2.


   E. Pre-Game Check

  • The state of buttons and inputs must be checked before a match starts. Requests for time-outs due to button/input lag issues will be denied unless agreed upon by both contestants.


   F. Contestant Absence

  • Contestants must be present in the lobby at least 10 minutes before the first match begins.
  • The following rules will dictate the outcomes of related situations.
    - Absence of opponent: Contestants whose opponents are absent will automatically proceed to the next bracket.
    - Winner’s bracket contestants who lose a match due to being absent will be sent to the loser’s bracket.
    - Loser’s bracket contestants who lose due to being absent will be eliminated from the tournament.


   G. Grand Final

  • The Grand Final is the final match of the tournament in which the final winners of the winner’s bracket and loser’s bracket will compete against one another.
    1. The winner’s bracket contestant will be declared as Grand Champion upon winning the Grand Final, thus ending the tournament.
    2. According to double elimination tournament rules, an additional match will be commenced upon the loser’s bracket contestant’s victory.
    * The winner of this additional round will be declared as Grand Champion, thus ending the tournament.



Game Settings:


   A. Game Version

  • The latest version of DNF Duel available at the time of the tournament will be used.


   B. Character Selection

  • All characters can be played excluding the Lost Warrior.
    - Players will be able to swap characters after a loss within a Bo3/Bo5 (for loser only)


   C. Button Settings

  • Buttons may be configured freely. However, macros that use controller functions are prohibited.


   D. Match Conditions

  • Matches are held under the following conditions.
    - Rounds needed for winning: 2 for qualifying matches, 3 for Winner’s Bracket Final, Loser’s Bracket Final, and the Grand Final 
    - Background music: Random
    - Stage: Random
    - Time limit: 99 seconds


   E. Win Conditions

  • The following win conditions will be applied to this tournament’s matches.
    - BO3(Best of 3): Win 2 out of 3 rounds first.
    - BO5(Best of 5): Win 3 out of 5 rounds first



Tournament Stream:


   A. Stream Schedule

  • The tournament will be streamed through the DFO Official Twitch channel.
  • The stream will be held over 2 separate days on Friday, AUG 5 UTC and Friday, AUG 12 at 03:00 UTC.
  • Friday, AUG 5 UTC: Matches from the start of the round of 16 to the declaration of the winner’s bracket semifinalists and the loser’s bracket semifinalists (the top 8 contestants) will be streamed.
  • Friday, AUG 12 UTC: Matches from the start of the quarterfinals to the declaration of the winner of the tournament (the top 8 matches) will be streamed.
  • During the round of 16, the loser’s bracket quarterfinals will not be streamed. They will be held simultaneously with the winner’s bracket quarterfinals.
  • The loser’s bracket quarterfinals will be held under the supervision of Neople, and match results will be recorded on the Challonge site accordingly.


   B. Stream Overview

  • The tournament will be casted by Tigger and Duni.
  • Contestants will enter the game lobby according to cues on the tournament’s Discord.
  • The official tournament will be held on the first arcade machine located at the bottom-left side of the screen. Matches will be spectated through the in-game observer mode.
  • Contestants will immediately leave the lobby upon a match being completed, and interviews will be held via Discord for the top 3 awarded players of the tournament.
  • A short break time is scheduled within the tournament to minimize contestants’ fatigue.


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