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DFO Parfait Tycoon


Aug 23, 2022 (UTC)


How to Participate

Help Freezna three times a day, and become the master of Parfaits!

You can participate up to 3 times a day through NPC Freezna in Hendon Myre. (Can be participated in by account.)

Make the Parfait in order of ingredients according to the order sheet.

"Everfrost Fragment" can be obtained, depending on the stage achieved. Exchange Fragments for various
rewards through the NPC Freezna.





DFO Parfait Store Description

[Normal Mode]

1 Crafting Success The number of Parfaits that must be made within the time limit
2 Score Score points based on the ingredients of the finished Parfait.
3 Rewards
for Stages
A reward that can be obtained every time you clear each stage.
4 Time Limit There will be a 30 second time limit for each step.
5 Preparation Area A space where orders are confirmed and Parfaits are made.
6 Ingredients

Make Parfaits by entering the ingredients matched to each command in order.

If you do not press in the order of the order sheet, the Parfait
will disappear and the remaining time will decrease by 1 second.

* There is a Normal and Challenge mode for making Parfait.
* Rewards can only be received in Normal mode.


[Challenge Mode]
* There is no limit on how many times you can play in the Challenge Mode, and if you succeed in making a Parfait, the time limit will be restored.
*  If you succeed in making Parfait in Challenge mode, the combo gauge rises, and when you fill the combo gauge to its maximum you will enter on Fever Mode.
* In Fever Mode, Parfaits are automatically made according to the order sheet by mashing the keys.
* Achieve your high score in Challenge Mode!



Stage Icon Item Description
Failure Everfrost Fragment A mystical piece of ice that won't melt even in the summer heat.
Can be traded for various rewards from NPC Freezna located in Hendon Myre.
Stage 1 Everfrost Fragment Bucket(Small) Contains 12-15 Everfrost Fragments randomly. 
Stage 2 Everfrost Fragment Bucket(Medium) Contains 15-17 Everfrost Fragments randomly.
Stage 3 Everfrost Fragment Bucket(Large) Contains 17-20 Everfrost Fragments randomly.


Freezna Shop

Purchase rewards with Everfrost Fragments obtained through DFO Parfait Tycoon and Summer Splash Bullseye.

Icon Item Description Purchase Limit
Summer Festival
Ticket Envelope

Contains 1 Summer Festival Ticket.
A ticket required to participate in the event.

Everfrost Fragments
x 60 
12 per account
Ominous Crystal Box Contains 10-20 Ominous Crystals. Everfrost Fragments
x 10
1 per day / account
Item Option Growth Ticket Can be used to grow equipment Option Levels. Option Levels can be increased without using Golden Beryl, Power Essence, and Gold. Everfrost Fragments
x 20
3 per week / account
Single-Use Retexturizer Can be used to retexturize Legendary/Epic/Mythic Armor items that are at a certain level or above. Does not consume Legendary Souls, texture-specific special materials, or Gold.
- Legendary: Lv. 100 - Epic: Lv. 85, 95, 100, 105 - Mythic: Lv. 105
Everfrost Fragments
x 20
3 per week / account
Single-Use Equipment Amplifier Creates a chance of Amplifying equipment.
No Crystallized Chaos or Gold required.
Everfrost Fragments
x 20
2 per week / account
Otherverse Energy Purification Scroll Can be used on Otherversal Energy equipment to make them equippable. A Dimensional ability (Dimensional Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, or Spirit.) is applied randomly when Otherversal Energy is purged. Once Dimensional stats are applied, this equipment can only be Amplified. Can only be used on Lv. 55 Rare or higher level/rarity Otherversal Energy equipment. Everfrost Fragments
x 100
1 per account
Conversion Spell Can be used on Purged Otherversal Energy items to change their Dimensional abilities to one of the following of your choice: Dimensional Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, or Spirit. Can be used regardless of Amplification values, and Amplification values will be retained after use. Can only be used on Lv. 55 Rare or higher level/rarity equipment. Everfrost Fragments
x 100
1 per account
Level-Up Ticket (Lv. 1-99) Increases character's level by 1. Can be used from Lv. 1 to 99. Everfrost Fragments
x 10
5 per week / account
Water Balloon Potion Applies the following effects for 60 seconds.
- Increases Physical/Magical/Independent Atk. By 12%.
Everfrost Fragment x1


Please Note

  • Event items will be deleted at 09:00, SEP 06, 2022 UTC.
  • This event can be participated in by account, and shared by account.
  • All rewards will be sent to your mailbox.

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