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The Scary Scarecrow


Oct 25, 2022 (UTC)


How to Participate

Scary Scarecrows have started to appear in Arad! Defeat the Scarecrows and bring peace to Arad!

A Scarecrow will appear in the next dungeon you enter after consuming 20 Fatigue Points.

Defeat the Scarecrow and return Chatty Jack-o'-Lantern Jr.'s lost Souls!

Bring the Souls to Chatty Jack-o'-Lantern Jr. located in Seria's Room to receive various rewards. 





Halloween rewards from Chatty Jack-o'-Lantern Jr.

Icon Reward Description Required Materials
/ Purchase Limit
Jack-o'-Lantern's Curse Applies the Jack-o'-Lantern's Curse effect
for 300 seconds to the user.

Physical/Magical/Independent Atk. +200
Skill Atk. +25%
Movement/Attack/Casting Speed +20% 
Jack-o'-Lantern's Soul x 1
Pumpkin Candy Restores 30% of HP/MP.
Cures all Abnormal Status effects.
Jack-o'-Lantern's Soul x 1
Halloween Costume
Transforms you into various monsters for 5 minutes.
Increases Town Movement Speed by 200%.
This item will not be consumed after being used.
Jack-o'-Lantern's Soul x 5
1 per account
Golden Beryl Box (10) Contains 10 Golden Beryl.
Golden Beryl are used to grow and transfer
Lv. 105 equipment options and transfer their levels.
Jack-o'-Lantern's Soul x 3
7 per account / week
Power Essence Box Contains 1 Power Essence. Jack-o'-Lantern's Soul x 5
2 per account / week
Item Option Growth Ticket Can be used to grow equipment Option Levels.
Option Levels can be increased without using
Golden Beryl, Power Essence, and Gold.
Jack-o'-Lantern's Soul x 5
3 per account / week
Equipment Option Level
Transfer Ticket
Can be used to transfer an equipment's Option
Level. Equipment Option Levels can be transferred
without using Golden Beryl, Power Essence, and Gold.
Jack-o'-Lantern's Soul x 10
1 per account / week


# Please Note

  • Event items will be deleted on NOV 8, 2022 UTC.
  • Scary Scarecrows can be encountered up to 3 times daily.
  • This event is participated in and shared by account.

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