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The Book of Genesis


Nov 22, 2022 (UTC)



How to Participate

Clear the quest through the NPC Ophelia Bagrans in Seria's Room and enter The Book of Genesis!

Strategically place your buildings
in your attack and defense factions!

Clear missions as you
go through various battles!






Event Information

The Book of Genesis is a game where you strategically place and upgrade buildings in your camp and go through various battles.
Acquire Traces of Creation through the Scenario Mode called Chapter of Prophecy, and unlock buildings.
"Traces of Creation are used to create(draw) or upgrade cards for buildings that have been unlocked.



1st In the Book of Genesis, the battle (Chapter of Prophecy, Invade) is won
when all buildings on the opposing faction's sanctum are destroyed.
2nd Building placement is done before the battle, and after the battle begins
you can use your Power to activate the effect of the building.
(Q,W,E,R,A,S,D,F) key or mouse click
3rd If the same Powers are near each other, up to 3 Powers can be connected.
A stronger effect is activated after they are connected.



Main Screen

1 Building types are divided into Production and Defense.
Production buildings produce monsters to attack the enemy.
Defense buildings serve as stationary support to allies.
2 Basic buildings or buildings that have been unlocked through the Chapter of Prophecy will be displayed.
3 Locked buildings are displayed.
4 Place the unlocked building by dragging and dropping them.
The Placement Cost cannot be exceeded when placing buildings.
5 The Sanctum is the yellow marked area shown within the faction.
The Sanctum is fixed in 3 places within the faction, and when you place buildings within them, the Power acquisition speed increases.
Only the HP of buildings placed in the Sanctum are compared when determining victory or defeat.
6 () Placement Cost : The total cost of the buildings currently deployed in the faction / the total of the building limit is displayed.
() Creative Power : Used through Invade and Chapter of Prophecy.
() Traces of Creation : Used to create and upgrade building cards.



Building Information & Upgrades

1 The list of buildings owned is displayed.
2 The building's name and ability information is displayed.
In the case of production buildings, information about the units produced is also displayed.
3 The image, name, description, and stats of units produced in the buildings is displayed.
4 Building Card upgrades require the same building card and Traces of Creation.





1st Click the Create button on the main screen to create a building card using Traces of Creation.
2nd Drag the number of building cards you want to create and click the Create button.
3rd 100 Traces of Creation are consumed per creation, and you get n of 1 Normal (95%)
/ Legendary (5%) Building Cards from among the unlocked buildings.
- The larger the number of unlocked buildings, the larger the number of n will be.




1st Play the Book of Genesis after checking the Daily/Accumulated missions.
2nd Traces of Creation, Creative Power, and fame related rewards can be obtained as mission rewards.
3rd Daily missions are reset everyday at 09:00 UTC, and Accumulated missions are not reset during the event period.


Game Mode Information


Hall of Prophecy

Creative Power is not consumed when entering a stage that has not been cleared, and 30 Creative Power is used for retrying a cleared stage.

A reward will be given for clearing each stage, and clearing the boss stage will unlock a specific building.






Stage Types

Faction Battle Defense Offense Boss Battle
An opponent with defense and
production buildings appears.
An opponent with only
production buildings appears.
An opponent with only
defense building appears.
A single Boss Monster appears.
- Victory Conditions -
Destroy all the buildings of the opponent's Sanctum within the time limit to win!
- Victory Conditions -
Defeat Boss Monster

*All stages are rewarded with Traces of Creation upon clearing. By clearing the Boss Battle, additional buildings are unlocked.




Press Invade in the main screen
and find an opponent to battle.

Once you've found the opponent, check your opponent's defensive faction before starting the battle.



           *Invade Rule Explanation

             1. You can use Invade once you set your defense faction on the main screen beforehand.
             2. The side that destroys all the buildings in the opponent's Sanctum within the time limit wins the Invade.
             3. If you fail to destroy all the buildings on the Sanctum, victory or defeat is determined by comparing the remaining
                 HP ratio of you and your opponents' buildings placed in the Sanctum.
             4. Being Invaded by other Adventurers is considered a defense battle, and the latest 10 battles are recorded.
             5. A revenge battle can be done after losing a defense battle.
             6. The RP that divides the tiers increases or decreases depending on the outcome of all battles.
             7. Attempting to Invade or to engage in a Revenge battle consumes 10 Creative Power.




Event Reward

[Event] Golden Beryl Item Option
Growth Ticket
The Book of Genesis
Exclusive Emoticon
Hero of Genesis Title
Preview of The Book is Genesis Title Preview of The Book is Genesis Emoticon

Check out the missions in the game for more detailed information on how to obtain rewards!



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