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Epic Growth Simulator


Jan 17, 2023 (UTC)






Click the HUD icon at the bottom of
the screen to participate in the event.

Use the Simulator every day and grow your equipment!










You can view your SD character farming here.
Your character can obtain Lv. 105 Epic Equipment, Mini Golden Beryl, and Mini Ominous Crystals while farming.
Once activated, the simulation will continue until DFO is exited.
Farming speed will increase as your character's equipment Option Levels and Fame increases.
Applied buffs can be seen in the upper-left side of the screen if buffs have been purchased in the Shop.



You can select the dungeon for your SD character to farm here.
The difficulty your character is currently playing on can also be seen.
(Difficulty is applied automatically according to the character's Fame)
Check the daily dungeon for clearing quests here.
You can also see the Epic items that can be obtained in dungeons.


You can check your character's status here.
Shows your characters equipped equipment, tags for the equipped equipment, and the number of same-type tags.
Shows your character's current Atk., Critical Chance, Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Fame.


You can check Epic Equipment obtained in the Simulator here.
Left-click to Grow/Transfer items and right-click to equip/swap equipment.
Check the number of Equipment Option Level Transfer Tickets in your possession here.
Use the Grow All button to use all Epics currently in your inventory as growth material for equipped items.


You can Pack equipment grown through the Epic Simulator to become actual content items here.
Check your available Pack count in the area above your character.
You can Pack the same equipment Part multiple times.


Use Mini Ominous Crystals and Mini Golden Beryl obtained through
the Simulator to obtain various items that will help you in the Simulator.
Fatigue Acceleration Buff: Greatly increases Epic drop rate for 2 hours in the Simulator. (Can be bought once daily)
All Speed Increase Buff: Increases Attack/Movement speed in the Simulator by 60%. (Can be bought 10 times daily)
Inventory Expansion Ticket: Expands your Simulator inventory. (Can be bought 4 times per account)
Equipment Option Level Transfer Ticket: Transfers Simulator equipment option levels to another equipment.
Lv. 105 Epic Selection Box: Contains an equipment of your choice that can be used in the Simulator.


You can check quests that can be cleared in the Simulator here.
Daily Quest: Clear daily quests to obtain Mini Golden Beryl and Mini Ominous Crystals.
Accumulated Quest: Clear quest conditions and receive various rewards.
Check out quest details in the game!


You can view the Epic equipment you've obtained in the Simulator in the Collection.
For equipment that are dropped in several dungeons, they will be shown as obtained in your collection for all dungeons.
Obtain rewards according to the completion progress of each dungeon's Collection.
You can get a Growth Equipment Packing Ticket for each completed dungeon Collection.








Golden Beryl Box (30) Growth Equipment Packing Ticket Play Points Custom Epic Equipment Selection Box Selective Petit Friends Creature Box Resonating Energy Equipment Selection Box (Lv.60)




# Please note

  • This event can be participated in by account.
  • All rewards excluding equipment obtained through Packing are given as account-bound. (Deleted at 09:00, FEB 21 UTC)
  • Characters with no Advancements cannot participate in the event.
  • Equipment obtained in the Simulator are not actual equipment, and equipment drop rates differ from that of the actual content.
  • Items purchased in the minigame Shop can only be used within the minigame.
  • Only option levels will be extracted when actual Epic items are extracted through Packing. (Remaining EXP will not be extracted.)
    Ex) Lv. 50 option level with 50% Growth EXP will be extracted as a Lv. 50 option level with 0% Growth EXP.
  • Epic equipment obtained through Packing will be sent directly to your Inventory. All other rewards will be sent by mail.

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