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Light the Campfire!


Jan 17, 2023 (UTC)


How to Participate

Clear Optimal Level Dungeons and obtain Logs to put in the Campfire.
You can fire up the Campfire by putting in Logs up to 5 times daily. Earn Heartwarming Coins each time you add Logs!

Obtain 1 Log for each clear of an Optimal Level Dungeon.
(Obtain up to 5 daily, resets daily ay 09:00 UTC)

Find the Campfire NPC located in Hendon Myre Square to throw in Logs and fire up the Campfire. 1 Log will be consumed each time they are added to the Campfire.



Obtain 1 Heartwarming Coin each time
you add a Log and clear Weekly Missions!

Gather your efforts with all DFO players to heat up the Campfire. Rewards can be obtained for each milestone reached.





Click on the () icon to move to Hendon Myre and participate in the event through the NPC.



Event Rewards

Participate in the event to obtain Weekly Mission rewards and Mission for All Adventurers rewards!


Weekly Missions

Mission Icon Reward Description
Fire up the
Campfire 10 times
Storm's Wrath Bonus Entry Ticket x1

Resets Storm's Wrath received reward
count to allow it to be entered again.

Can only be used by characters that have
already received Storm's Wrath rewards.
Fatigue Points will not be consumed for additional entries.

Fire up the
Campfire 20 times
Storm's Wrath Bonus Entry Ticket x2



Mission for All Adventurers Rewards

Mission Icon Reward Description
Complete the weekly goal
by raising the temperature of the Campfire

Week 1 - Week 5
Golden Beryl x1000 Obtain 1,000 Golden Beryls
by achieving the weekly goal.

*This mission is accomplished with all the Adventurers together.


Event Shop

Access the Event Shop through the NPC Campfire Delilah.

Icon Item Description Price
Purchase Limit
Otherverse Energy Purification Scroll Can be used on Otherversal Energy Equipment to make them equippable. A Dimensional ability (Dimensional Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, or Spirit.) is applied randomly when Otherversal Energy is purged. Once Dimensional stats are applied, this equipment can only be Amplified. Can only be used on Rare or higher-grade Otherversal Energy equipment at Lv. 55 or above. 20 4 per account
Single-Use Retexturizer

Can be used to retexturize Legendary/Epic/Mythic Armor items that are at a certain level or above. Does not consume Legendary Souls, texture-specific special materials, or Gold. 

- Legendary: Lv. 100 
- Epic: Lv. 85, 95, 100, 105 
- Mythic: Lv. 105

5 5 per week
Flame Elemental's Ember

Summons the Ember of the Flame Elemental. Acquires an ember aura buff that deals damage around the character. This item can be only used in Lv. 110 Normal Dungeons. Cooldown is reset upon exiting a dungeon. 

Normal Dungeon List 
- White Land 
- Vericollis 
- Canyon Hills 
- Queen Fallt 
- King's Cradle 
- Heblon's Altar 
- Nasau Forest 
- Eternal Flame Lab

1 Unlimited
Flame Elemental's Recovery Potion Restore 30% of HP.
Restore 30% of MP.
Cures all harmful status effects at all character levels.
Shares cooldown with Remy's Sparkling Touch.
1 Unlimited


# Please Note

  • This event can be participated in by account.
  • Up to 5 Logs can be obtained daily, and both unused Logs and Log obtainment count will be reset daily at 09:00 UTC.
  • The Campfire can be heated up through the Campfire NPC located in Hendon Myre.
  • Logs can be obtained automatically by characters Lv. 17 or above for every clear of an Optimal Level Dungeon.
  • 1 Heartwarming Coin can be obtained for every Log used to heat up the Campfire.
  • Weekly Mission rewards can be obtained once a week per account.
  • Each Mission for All Adventurers reward can be obtained once per account.
  • You must participate in the event at least once in order to receive Mission for All Adventurers rewards.
  • Missions for All Adventurers will become available according to each week.
  • All reward items will be deleted at 09:00, FEB 21, 2023 UTC.


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