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Flame Elemental's Request


Jan 17, 2023 (UTC)

How to Participate

Enter Lv. 110 Normal Dungeons and obtain Embers!

Earn Embers to obtain a buff for clearing dungeons!

Embers will appear up to 5 times daily in Lv. 110 Normal Dungeons! (Resets daily at 09:00 UTC)

Obtain Embers to activate a fiery buff
that damages nearby monsters!





# Please Note

  • This event can be participated in by account.
  • Only characters Lv. 110 or above can participate.
  • Embers will appear only in Lv. 110 Normal Dungeons.
  • Embers will appear 5 times per day, and this count is shared by account.
  • Ember encounter count will be deducted upon obtaining an Ember. Count will not be deducted if Embers are not obtained.
  • Buff effect will not be enhanced past obtaining more than 3 Embers in one dungeon.
  • If 2 Embers appear from using the Flame Elemental's Ember item obtained from the "Light the Campfire!" event, they can both be obtained after the Ember from this event is obtained first.
  • When entering a dungeon as a party, all party members must have remaining encounter counts for the Ember to appear.
  • Upon entering a dungeon, the Ember encounter count for all party members will be deducted if 1 member obtains an Ember.
  • The ember aura buff will expire upon death.

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