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Assault on the Imperial Laboratory


Mar 07, 2023 (UTC)


How to Participate

Participate in the assault through
NPC Ludmilla located in Seria's Room.

Select the Assault on the Imperial Laboratory
channel in the channel selection to enter.





Event Quest

The item that will allow you to start the event quest will be sent
to the mailbox of the first Lv. 110 character to login during the event period.

Icon Item Description
    A Mysterious Letter The Assault on the Imperial Laboratory quest can be received by using this item.



Normal Dungeon

- The Event Town can be entered through NPC Ludmilla located in Seria's Room.
- Characters below Lv. 110 cannot enter.
- There are 4 dungeons, and 1 reward a day per account can be obtained in each dungeon.
   Obtainable rewards: Memories of the Imperial Laboratory, Fragment of Pure White Energy
- Monsters that appear in the Normal Dungeons are weaker versions of those that appear in the Assault on the Imperial Laboratory Weekly Dungeons.
- Nottna, the Gluttonous Experiment will appear in the boss room according to a set rate.


Weekly Dungeons

Rewards can be obtained up to 2 times per week. (Up to 1 time daily)

- Dungeon can be entered through matchmaking in the event channel.
- The event dungeon can only be entered by parties of 4 players made through matchmaking.
- Party members with 33043 Fame or higher can play as Squad Leader, while those below can play as Squad Members.
- Players that participate as Squad Members will not be affected by any equipped equipment(Equipment, Title, Creature, Aura, Avatar, Insignia, Gem, Talisman).
- Member players will get the following buffs instead.

-    Element of the Elemental Damage with the highest value imbued
-       STR/INT + 4432
-      VIT/SPR +2510
-       Physical/Magical/Independent Atk. +2996
-       Attack/Movement/Casting Speed +50%
-       Skill Atk. +1730%
-       Damage Value +410693
-      All Elemental Damage +315
-       Cooldown reduction -30%
-     Physical/Magical Critical Chance +100%
-       Physical/Magical Defense +60000
HP/MP MAX + 4300

- Buffers cannot use Buff or Awakening Skills in the event dungeon.
- The following buff will also be be applied if a buffer is the Squad Leader.

- Skill Atk. +118%
-Buffer Exclusive Magic Bead solo-play effects activated


Weekly Dungeon Details

- Similar to Ispins, this dungeon can be cleared by repeated transitions between dungeon entry -> Town -> dungeon entry ->Town.
- The dungeon is split into 2 ways, with one way being entered by 1 Leader, and the other entered by the other 3 members.
- Comprised of 5 dungeons, the boss dungeon is always fixed, while 2 out of the remaining 4 dungeons will be opened randomly every week.

- The HP bar that appears while in the dungeon can be used to check the situation of players in the other dungeon. (HP, Neutralization Gauge)
- Every time a monster on one side lose 10% of health or becomes groggy, the monster on the other side will receive increased damage.
- Weekly Dungeons do not have any consumable/Life Token/time limits.
- Weekly Dungeons do not consume Fatigue Points or equipment durability.


Weekly Dungeon Rewards

The following rewards can be obtained for each clear.

Player Icon Item
Leader 400 - 1500 Golden Beryl
3 - 20 Power Essence
100 Memories of the Imperial Laboratory
4 Fragments of Pure White Energy
Member 400 -1500 Golden Beryl
3 - 20 Power Essence
50 Memories of the Imperial Laboratory
4 Fragments of Pure White Energy



Pure White Energy

- Click on the () at the bottom-right side of the screen to check Pure White Energy.
- Pure White Energy is inactive at first, and Level 1 can be activated by pressing the "Activate" button within the UI.
- Pure White Energy can be enhanced with Fragments of Pure White Energy that can be obtained in event dungeons (Weekly Dungeon, Normal Dungeon),
- The currently applied Pure White Energy effect can be checked in the UI.
- 8 Fragments of Pure White Energy are required to enhance Pure White Energy Level 1.
- Pure White Energy has up to 20 levels.
- At max level, it provides Damage Value +60000, Buff Power +2650, and +1 to Lv. 1-80 Skills.
- Pure White Energy buff is applied up till Total War content.



Check out this page to see where Memories of the Imperial Laboratory can be used! ->   Go now


# Please Note

  • Event dungeons can only be played in parties of 4 players.
  • Weekly Dungeons can be entered up to 4 times and rewards can be obtained up to 2 times.
  • Failing to clear the Weekly Dungeon will return the used entry count.
  • Normal Dungeons can be entered and rewards can be received once per day.


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