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Epic Road: Dimension Invaders


Apr 18, 2023 (UTC)



Clear the event quest given by the event NPC Qlipha
located in Seria's Room, then enter the Event Town.
(Can be participated in by characters Lv. 100 and above)

Use the dungeon portal located on the
right side of the Event Town to enter the
Epic Road: Dimension Invaders dungeon!





Play in Epic Road Normal Dungeons
and obtain tons of Epic equipment,
Dimension Fragments, and Dimensional Energy.

Gather Dimension Fragments daily and trade them
for various rewards in the NPC Qlipha Shop.
(Up to 120 Dimension Fragments can be obtained daily.)






Dungeon Overview


Type Epic Road Nomal Dungeon Epic Road Special Dungeon
Name Encroached Dimension Encroached Dimension Abyss
Entry Level Lv. 100 and above
Entry Cost Golden Beryl x 24 Golden Beryl x 24
Dimensional Energy 100,000
10 free entries per account / daily
Entry Fatigue 8 Fatigue consumed upon entry
Party Not available
Difficulty Mode Entry
Epic Drop
Option Level
Mode Entry
Epic Drop
Option Level
Normal 4,176 1~10 Normal 4,176 5~14
Expert 8,602 11~20 Expert 8,602 15~24
Master 13,195 16~25 Master 13,195 20~29
King 18,626 21~30 King 18,626 25~34
Slayer 21,675 26~35 Slayer 21,675 30~39
Hero Normal 23,259 31~40 Hero Normal 23,259 35~44
Hero Expert 25,837 36~45 Hero Expert 25,837 40~49
Hero Master 28,695 41~50 Hero Master 28,695 45~54
Hero King 30,135 46~55 Hero King 30,135 50~59
Hero Slayer 33,043 51~60 Hero Slayer 33,043 55~64
Main Reward Epic equipment obtained randomly upon defeating
Boss monster. 3 Epic equipment drops guaranteed
upon defeating invading monster that appears
at a set rate after defeating Boss monster.
Minimum of 2 Epic equipment drops
guaranteed upon defeating Boss monster.
Set chance to obtain Epic equipment with option levels that exceed the current mode's upon clearing.
Surprise Reward Low chance to obtain a jackpot reward with all 4 option levels set to Lv. 65.
Clear EXP 10% of EXP obtained when Epic Road dungeons are cleared by character that are Lv. 100 - Lv. 109.
(Up to 300,000 can be accumulated)
Not obtained
Event Currency  

Dimension Fragment

- Up to 120 can be obtained daily by defeating Epic Road dungeon monsters
- Can be used to purchase various items at the NPC Qlipha Shop located in Seria's Room

Epic Road Buff Applicable
(Epic Road Buffs can be obtained from the Epic Connoisseur event or the Qlipha event shop)

※ Details regarding the Qlipha event shop and Epic Road Buffs can be checked in the Epic Connoisseur event notice.

☞ Go to Epic Connoisseur event notice


Event Area Exclusive Buff

Epic Road Area Exclusive Buffs are provided according to character Advancements.

Area Buff Advancement Applied Buff Applied Value
Qlipha's Guide Crusader (M) Casting Speed (%) +50
Attack Speed (%) +40
Movement Speed (%) +30
Critical Chance (%)
Damage Value (%) +20
Skill Cooldown (%) -10
Crusader (F) / Enchantress Casting Speed (%) +50
Attack Speed (%) +40
Movement Speed (%) +30
Critical Chance (%)
Damage Value (%) +30
Skill Cooldown (%) -20
Others Casting Speed (%) +50
Attack Speed (%) +40
Movement Speed (%) +30
Critical Chance (%)


# Please Note

  • Dimension Fragments dropped in the Epic Road dungeons are account-bound and will be deleted at 09:00, MAY 30, 2023 UTC.

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