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Breaking News! Legal Item Duplication


Jul 25, 2023 (UTC)



How to Participate

Click the event icon() and open the Event UI!

Select an Archer character as the original to be duplicated and another character to receive the duplications!



Clear various missions with the original character and duplicate its equipment to send to your desired character!

Click Send Rewards button and receive the duplicated equipment. Once you obtain the rewards, the event missions will end!




* Only Archer characters can be selected as original characters.
* Any character under Lv. 110 can be selected as Duplicate Characters.
* Characters that do not have an Advancement cannot be selected as Duplicate Characters.




Unlock Duplication Equipment and Grow Your Characters through Missions!

Unlock equipment slots that can be duplicated to your desired character by clearing limited missions!

The grade of your duplicated item will be changed according to accumulated mission progress!
Please check below for details.





Details for Event Duplicated Equipment

  • Only the original character can check the Duplication Equipment and Missions tab.
  • Fusion Equipment cannot be duplicated.
  • Texture of duplicated equipment will be changed to desired character's Armor Mastery.
  • Item grade, enchants, and refinement values will be duplicated regardless of event progression.
    • Enchants are converted to suitable Enchantments for the character upon duplication.
  • For Amplification, the stats will be changed to the main stat of the character to receive duplication equipment.
  • If a character can be played according to multiple types such as STR/INT, DPS/Buffer, you can select the type of equipment to receive.
Progression Grade Weapon Reinforcement/Amplification Armor Reinforcement/ Amplification Option Level
250 S 13 12 No limit
170+ A 12 10 70
110+ B 11 8 60
50+ C 10 6 40
0 D 0 0 1



Event Mission / Rewards

Obtain various rewards by clearing Daily / Weekly / Limited missions!
Rewards will be sent all at once when clicking "Send Reward" to duplicate characters.
Check "Duplicate Character Obtainable Rewards" to see what's available!
Please refer to the details of event missions and rewards for more information.

Type Mission Progression Rewards
Daily Login 1 [Untradable] Golden Beryl (30)
Daily Clear Optimal Level Dungeon 4 times 1 Power Essence (2)
Weekly Clear Advanced Dungeon 2 times 3 [Untradable] Golden Beryl (200)
Limited Achieve 33,043 Fame 10 Fixed Option Epic Equipment Selection Box x 12
Unlock Belt Equipment Slot
Limited Clear Storm's Wrath(Weekly) 4 times 10 Insignia & Gem All-In-One Box
Unlock Magic Stone Equipment Slot
Limited Clear Ispins 5 times 20 Quad-Color Split Energy x 400
Unlock Top Equipment Slot
Limited Clear The Machine Revolution: Total War/Bakal Raid 4 Times 20 Dragon Conflagration x 200
Unlock Sub Equipment Slot
Limited Clear DFO Limited Missions 35 times 10 Fragmented Abyss Equipment Set Box
Unlock Weapon Equipment Slot
Limited Attempt Equipment Reinforcement/Amplification 50 times 30 Crule King of Dragons' Seal x 300
Unlock Bottom Equipment Slot
Limited Clear Hall of Dimensions 5 times 20 Blurry Memory Fragment x 250
Unlock Earrings Equipment Slot
Limited Grow Equipment Options 50 times 10 Item Option Batch Transfer Ticket
Unlock Shoes Equipment Slot
Limited Fuse Equipment 4 times 10 Fusion Epic Equipment Selection Box x 4
Unlock Bracelet Equipment Slot
Limited Enchant Equipment 12 times 10 Rune & Talisman All-In-One Box
Unlock Necklace Equipment Slot
Limited Achieve Lv. 110 10 Level-Up 110 Golden EXP Capsule
Unlock Ring Equipment Slot
Limited Spend 3000 Fatigue Points 10 Quest Clear All-In-One Box
Unlock Head/Shoulder Equipment Slot


# Please note

  • Fusion Equipment / Guard's Oath Equipment cannot be duplicated.
  • Event Missions can only be participated in by selected event characters.
    • Insignia Reinforcement will not be counted for Equipment Reinforcement/Amplification mission.
  • All rewards obtained by event missions are untradable, and will be deleted at 09:00, SEP 19, 2023 UTC.
  • Original character selection is only possible once per account.
  • For original characters, deletion or reselection is not possible after selection. Please choose carefully!
  • Reselection is possible once a day for characters to receive the duplications. Reselection count is reset daily at 09:00 UTC.
  • Event Characters (Original, Duplicate) can only be selected within same server.
  • Only Lv. 105 Epic Equipment (excluding Fusion Equipment) can be duplicated.
    • Equipment Transcended to Archers cannot be duplicated during the event period.
  • When the option levels are adjusted upon duplication due to reaching option level limits, they will be duplicated with the decimal values of EXP being reduced to 0.00%.
  • Please check the details of Enchantments for the character upon duplication by clicking the link below.

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