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Saint Horn Travel Agency -Ludmilla's Promotion-


May 03, 2016 (UTC)

Hello, adventurer!
Thank you for choosing Saint Horn Travel Agency!

Ludmilla has prepared a special promotion for everyone!
Check out the details of the promotion below and reap the benefits!

Period : May 3 ~ May 31, 2016 (UTC), until maintenance



Otherverse Changes

Exorcism requirement will be reduced, and Daily Entry Count will be increased during the event period.
You can now travel through the Otherverse, more and much easier!

  Before Event
Entry Count 2x per day 3x per day
 Normal Req. Exorcism 10 1
Expert Req. Exorcism 80 40
Master Req. Exorcism 95 60









Experience Boost Buff

During the event period, EXP buff will be given depending on the number of party members.
Now you can get EXP while farming for your Chronicle Equipment!

Party Members Hunting/Result EXP Bonus
1 100%
2 200%
3 300%
4 400%







Equipment Drop Rate Bonus

During the event period, number of equipment dropped will be doubled when you kill boss monsters in Otherverse dungeons.
According to my research, Master difficulty drops more set equipment than expert difficulty.
Since exorcism has been lowered, how about travelling to the Master Difficulty?


Event Quest

1 Limited Event Quest and 3 Normal Quests have been added.

Limited Quest Rewards (Otherverse Support Box) Normal Quest Reward
Name Amount Name Description
[Life Token] 3
[Box Avatar]
[Exorcism Potion] 2
[Super Armor Potion] 1
[Mind Stimulant Potion] 2
[Number 28] 1
[Anti-sea sickness pills] 10
[Mirage Statue]
Effect: Interdimensional Shard Drop Rate +10%
(Expires: 90 Days)
[Sacred Blessing] 3
[Immortality Formula] 1
[Chronicle Equipment Random Box] 1

Chronicle Equipment Random Box: Contains a random chronicle item.




Daily Rental

- You can receive a 'Chronicle Trial Box' every day via UI without any conditions. (once per account)

Name Description

[Chronicle Trial Box]
Receive 3x Chronicle Set Equipment of your choice.





 Accumulated Rental

- Depending on the number of Otherverse Dungeons cleared for each character, a 'Chronicle Rental Box' can be received.
- 'Chronicle Rental Box' can be obtained up to 5 per character.

Name Description

[Chronicle Rental Box]
Receive a chronicle set equipment of your choice.







Reward (Account-wide)

- You can receive a reward upon reaching certain number of Otherverse and Optimal Dungeons cleared.
- Clear count is shared account-wide and reward can only be obtained once per account.

Name Description

[Interdimensional Fragment x100]
Obtain 100x Interdimensional Fragment on use

[Elemental Damage Magic Stone Box]
Can select one of Fire, Water, Light or Shadow Magic Stone.
* Single Elemental Magic Stone: Elemental Damage +22, Exorcism +6
* All Elemental Magic Stone: Elemental Damage +17, Exorcism +6










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