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Catching Star Episode 2 : Return of the Star


May 17, 2016 (UTC)


Previously, Canna collected tons of stars and successfully created a star powered equipment.
However, quantity of stars were not enough to complete the ultimate item... The "Star Fall."

Nevertheless, the gods have given her a second chance. Thus, stars started to fall from the sky yet again.
For the completion of Star Fall! For the wealth! she requested the aid of adventurers.

Adventurers are leaving on a journey to collect more stars. A journey to complete Star Fall…


Period: May 17 ~ Jun 14, 2016 (UTC), until maintenance


# Event Shop


- Items purchasable using ' Star ' will be sold in Canna's Shop during the event period.
- Canna's Shop is located to the right of Underfoot.


Event Shop Item List

Icon Name Material Req. Limit per Account
  Star Fall 1000 1
  Mileage Pouch(10) 50 50
  x2 Growth Potion 5 10
  Remy's Touch Pouch 10 20
  1st Awakening Clearance Ticket 10 1
  2nd Awakening Clear Ticket 20 1
  Sub Equipment Quest Clearance Ticket 20 1
  Magic Stone Quest Clearance Ticket 30 1
  Otherverse Energy Extinguisher 125 3
  Conversion Spell 125 1
  Otherverse Energy Purification Scroll 125 1
  Silver Amplification Grimoire 250 1
  Ancient Kingdom Gold Coin 25 60
  Glowing Terranite 25 60
  Vengeful Residual Reflection 25 60
  Impostor Report 25 60
  Counter Spell: Cure of the Deep Sea 25 45
  Black Gem 25 45
  Romantic Horizon 25 60



Icon Name Effect Preview
  * Name: Starfall
  - Type: Sub Equipment
  - Req. Lv. 60
  - STR +32
  - VIT +32
  - INT +32
  - SPI +32
* When attacking, you have 3% chance to cast Star Fall to hostile targets within 500px of your character.



# How to acquire Stars


What is a Optimal Level Dungeon?

Optimal Dungeon is available for character level 17 or above. If your character's level is lower than regional special dungeon's requirement level, then entire region will be Optimal Dungeons.

Clear Optimal Level Dungeon

Optimal dungeon monsters have a chance to drop stars.


Special Benefit

3x more Stars will drop from New/Returning users.

 You can receive the same benefits by partying with New/Returning users.


Finding New/Returning users

Seria's Welcoming's title name, icon and animation will be changed during the event period.



- New/Returning user's characters will be displayed in blue during the event period.
  - If you meet characters glowing in blue or equipping the PROFIT! Title, greet them nicely!









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