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Marvelous Reinforcement Party


May 17, 2016 (UTC)


Let the reinforcement mayhem begin! Claim your unbreakable reinforcement weapon!
From noobs to pros, it's time to get some serious weapon in your hand!
Sound like a miracle? NO! This time we are rollin' with a marvel!

Period: May 17 ~ Jun 14, 2016 (UTC), until maintenance

# Marvelous Reinforcement


Get your Special Unbreakable Unique Weapon and reinforce it to acquire +11 Reinforcement Ticket!

How to participate

Marvelous Weapon

Claim your Marvelous Weapon via event window. For once per every account, everyone can get it without any requirement.

※ Don't forget to claim your daily reward!
※ Marvelous Weapon is untradable.
!Be sure to double check your character!!

Marvelous Shards

Collect Marvelous Shards from optimal level dungeon monsters.
















Marvelous Reinforcement

Visit Marvelous Anvil

Visit Marvelous Anvil in front of Kiri to access Marvelous Reinforcement.

Reinforcing Marvelous Weapon can only be done from here.
※ Unlike regular reinforcement, it requires Marvelous Shards only!

Marvelous Reinforcement

Reinforce your Marvelous Weapon up to +13 and claim these marvelous rewards!

※ Marvelous Weapon can only be reinforced with Marvelous Reinforcement.
※ Marvelous Weapon is unbreakable during the event period. Feel free to reinforce it!

















Get these Marvelous Rewards from reinforcing Marvelous Weapon!

+1 Marvelous Solution x1
+50 to Physical and Magical Atk. for 300 sec.
+2 Marvelous Coin x1
Will either heal or damage you for 50% of your max HP and MP.
+3 Marvelous Solution x2
+4 Marvelous Coin x2
+5 Marvelous Booster Drink x1
+15% to Movement, Attack, and Casting for 300 seconds. 
+6 Toy of Sparkling World x3
Cures harmful status effects for all Character Levels.
For 10 seconds, All Abnormal Status Resist Immunity status is activated.
+7 Mind Stimulant Potion x3
Decreases cooldown for all skills -20% for 10 minutes.
+8 Remy's Sparkling Touch x5
Restore 30% of HP and MP. Cures harmful status effects for all Character Levels.
+9 Character Reinforcement Potion
+100 to STR/INT/VIT/SPI for 30 minutes. Effects last even if you leave dungeon or channel.
+10 Weapon Reinforcement Potion
Fixes your weapon's reinforcement to +12 in next dungeon. Only can be used in town.
+11 +10 Reinforcement Ticket
Fixes your equipment to +10 reinforced item.
+12 Reinforcement Protection Ticket
Protects your weapon from being destroyed when reinforcing +10 or higher.
+13 +11 Reinforcement Ticket
Fixes your equipment to +11 reinforced item.

* Please Note:
- Success level +1 ~ +10 rewards can be claimed multiple times, but +11 ~ +13 rewards can only claimed once.
- Reinforcing Marvelous Weapon costs only Marvelous Shards and does not cost golds or Clear Cube Fragment.
- Marvelous Weapon does not break during the event period, so feel free to reinforce it to +13 and get your +11 ticket!



# Miracle Reinforcement Returns


No reinforcement party runs without this one!
Only on weekends, bonus reinforcement success chance is available!

Got nothing to reinforce? No worries! Watch others' dream shatter and get additional Marvelous Shards!


What is Miracle Reinforcement?
Miracle Reinforcement is an independent Reinforcement system designed exclusively for events. Reinforcement cost is identical to standard reinforcement, but you can bring people to watch your challenge.
By doing so, the success chance will be increased. Also, observers get rewards from watching successful reinforcements.


How to access Miracle Reinforcement

On weekends, Miracle Reinforcement Buff will be activated in 10ch. & 11ch.! Hurry to the Marvelous Anvil!
Select Miracle Reinforcement from the menu to open a special reinforcement room.


The more people watching, the higher the success chance!
Gather as many people as possible to make your dream come true!
Also, numbers of Marvelous Shards will be distributed to all observers in reinforcement room.
Let's rejoice the success together and get Marvelous Shards easily!

※ Miracle reinforcement is available for equipment +12 or under.
※ Miracle reinforcement is available for equipment grade Unique or higher.


 Failure insurance

Afraid of failing? Don't worry! Here comes something to make your heart stronger. 
Reinforcement failure will be reimbursed! Don't hesitate to challenge!

*Failure insurance is not available when Reinforcement Protection Ticket is being used.

10 11 +9 Reinforcement Ticket
Fixes your equipment to +9 reinforced item.
11 12 +10 Reinforcement Ticket
Fixes your equipment to +10 reinforced item.
12 → 13 +11 Reinforcement Ticket
Fixes your equipment to +11 reinforced item.


* Please Note:
- All event rewards will be deleted on JUN 14, 2016 UTC 10:00.
- Reinforcement Buff and Miracle Reinforcement are activated on Weekends starting at UTC 09:00 (Fatigue reset time).
- Excessive reinforcement may cause bankruptcy. Remember, only in moderation!


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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