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Exciting DFO!!


May 31, 2016 (UTC)


Greetings, friend!
Welcome to DFO!
I am an adventurer just like you! Shall we go on a journey in DFO together?


Period: May 31 ~ Jun 28, 2016 (UTC), until maintenance
Target: All Characters


Ha Ha! This is so fun!!
Aren't you just overflowing with Endorphins?
Hmm... I should share this happiness with Seria.
I know it will make her happy and put a smile on her face!


# How to get Endorphins?


Do you want Endorphins? All you have to do is play DFO!
Participate in the events that are currently on-going!


How to get Endorphin

If you play 'Antony Pursuit` and 'Saving Battleship Gracia', you will have plenty of Endorphins before you know it!

   - By clearing 'Occupy the port' dungeon in 'Saving Warship Gracia' 3x, you can get 3 Endorphins.
   - By completing 'Antony Pursuit' once, you can get an Endorphin.
   - Endorphins will be sent to your Mailbox. Please see below:


# Endorphin Rewards


Maybe Seria will feel better when you give her endorphins?
Dang! I wasn't doing this to get anything in return but Seria is just too nice!
She gave me this as a reward!



# Accumulated Rewards


It's not all just Endorphins!
If you complete `Antony Pursuit' once per day, or clear the Occupy the Port dungeon of `Saving Battleship Gracia`,
you will receive a Smile! When you get 5 Smiles, you will get another gift! Amazing!! I will play every day!


Smile Description

Sample Description
No Smiles
With a single Smile
Get a Smile from completing Antony Pursuit once, or clearing Occupy the Port dungeon in Saving Warship Gracia once.
With full Smiles
An Endorphin Box can be acquired with 5 Smiles.


Endorphin Box

All I did was play DFO and I am overloaded with gifts! I wonder what will come out of the Endorphin Box!

Reward Description
Endorphin box 1 Contains 70 Demon Invites.
Endorphin box 2 Contains 40 Interdimensional Fragments.
Endorphin box 3 Contains 100 Demon Invites.
Endorphin box 4 Contains 50 Interdimensional Fragments.
Endorphin box 5 Contains 130 Demon Invites.
Endorphin box 6 Contains 60 Interdimensional Fragments.


Are you curious about how many times you've finished Antony Pursuit or cleared the dungeon? 
If the color of Exciting 01/02 is purple, it means you've already completed the events!

Sample Description
When events are incomplete
Incomplete events have black backgrounds.
When Saving Warship Gracia is complete
Cleared event has purple background.


Wah… look at the time… I'd better get going, See ya!
We will meet again tomorrow, right? I will be waiting!


* Please note
1. Mission Completion Rewards are limited to 1x per day/account.
   Accumulated rewards can only be received once upon completion and all rewards are sent to the mail box.
2. Missions are reset daily at 09:00 (UTC).
3. Clear `Saving Warship Gracia` 1x only applies to the 'Occupy the Port' dungeon.
4. Endorphins received as a reward can be exchanged at Seria's Shop.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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