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Antony Pursuit


May 31, 2016 (UTC)


Antony PursuitAdventurers! Little Antony needs your help!
"Please stop my brother!" My brother has left on a journey into the deep sea to pursue Anton!
Please bring him back before it's too late!


Period: May 31 ~ Jun 28, 2016 (UTC), until maintenance


# How to play mini-game


 How to get Dices

How to earn dice Dice
Character log in +1
By clearing Optimal Dungeon. + 1
By getting the same roll on the dice consecutively. +1
(Up to 5x)


You can open the Mini-game window by clicking the Icon() on top of the Fatigue Bar at the bottom of the screen.









Play Mini-game

- Click the button to throw the dice.
- Your token will move based on the number you roll on the dice.
* Number you rolled is located at the top right of the Mini-game screen.



# Rewards


Rewards are determined based on the space you arrive at after throwing the dice.


Icon Description Icon Description
+100 to all status Physical/Magical Crit +20%
Attack/Move/Casting Spd +10% Cooldown -10%
Physical/Magical Atk +50 Hunting/Clearance EXP + 100%



Icon Description Icon Description
A pouch containing 5x Remy's Touch and Toy of Sparkling World Activates Cube Contract (1 Day)
Generates 1-5 Demon Invitation. Activates Growth/Tactician/Conqueror/Cube Contract (1 Day)
Activates Growth Contract (1 Day) Contains 1x Skeleton Key
Activates Tactician's Contract (1 Day) Contains 2x Life Tokens
Activates Conquerors's Contract (1 Day)    



Icon Description Icon Description
Move back 3 spaces Move forward 3 spaces
Dice +1 Dice -1
Receive all rewards
*Opens all spaces when a player is on it.
Close all spaces and remove all buffs
*Closes all spaces when Antony is on it.
Immobilizes Antony for 3 turns  


Victory/Defeat Rewards



Regardless of Victory/Defeat,
receive rewards
from all open spaces.
(Except buffs)


* Antony's Medal x3


* Antony's Medal x1
* Remove all buffs










# NPC Shop


▶ Event NPC is located in Seria's Room.

Item Effect Price
Antony Creature Egg An egg which you can select one of four Antony creatures. 30 1
Demon Invitation
Generates 1~10 Demon Invitation. 2 10
Powerful Energy
Generates 1~10 Powerful Energy. 2 10
Crystallized Chaos
Generates 1~10 Crystallized Chaos. 2 10
Endless Eternity
Generates 1~10 Endless Eternity. 2 50


Antony Creature

Category Green Antony Red Antony Blue Antony Gold Antony
Stats   Shadow Damage +10 Fire Damage +10 Water Damage +10 Light Damage +11


Creature Animation

* Flaming Antony

* Walking Antony

* Spining Antony



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