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Saving Warship Gracia


May 31, 2016 (UTC)


The Warship Gracia was seized by the Kartel while enroute to it's support mission to bombard Anton.
All of Empyrean will fall if our mission against Anton fails. We must get the Warship back!
Help reclaim the Warship with special agent Mystic!


Period: May 31 ~ Jun 28, 2016 (UTC), until maintenance


# Entering the Dungeon


You can move to Mystic's Command Center via Secret Device in Seria's room.
You teleport by clicking the Secret Device and selecting the Teleport menu.







* Please Note:
- Warship Gracia consists of 4 dungeons and it must be cleared in order.
- Next dungeon can be entered by clearing the previous dungeon. Dungeons will reset at fatigue reset period.



# Dungeon Information


Icon Description

1. Occupy the Port 

The Kartel has taken over the ports near the Empyrean.
Neutralize their defenses to allow our forces to advance.

- If you are spotted by the search light, an enemy will appear. (Max 3x)

- If you do not neutralize their defenses, you cannot enter the boss's room.

2. Secure the Deck

The port has been secured and we have now access into the ship but getting into the ship will be difficult since the security has been tightened.
You must infiltrate the ship and cause a distraction to allow our support forces to get on board.

- Get on the mountable robot to avoid being damaged by the electric currents on the ground.

- Destroy the switch in the boss's room to disable the electric currents on the ground.
- Flying device monsters will separate into multiple entities and become stronger after a certain period of time. You must destroy it before they separate.

3. Infiltrate the Engine room

The Kartels are trying to escape.
They have set the ship to sail out of port. We must stop them or our mission will end in failure.
Infiltrate the engine room to prevent the ship from sailing.

- When the repairmen gets to the boss, boss's HP will recover. You must prevent the repairmen from getting to the boss.

4. Reclaim the Ship

‘Boss’ who refuses to surrender, has planted a bomb to blow up the entire ship. We must make time to allow mystic to defuse the bomb.

- Defeat the boss before the bomb goes off.


# Rewards


You can acquire Medal of Honor by clearing the dungeon.

- You can receive rewards by clicking the GET button after clearing the dungeon.
- Reward is available to each character and resets daily at the fatigue reset time. 














Take Medal of Honors to Mystic to exchange it for rewards.

Rewards Price
Mystic's Suply Box 1 Generates 1x random untradable Silver/Gold Emblem
Zakter's Supply Box 15 Contains 1 untradable Gold Emblem. You can select 1 of yout choice.
Hiram's Supply Box 30 Contains 1 tradable Gold Emblem. You can select 1 of yout choice.
Woon's Supply Box 50 Contains 1 Emblem Socket Generator [Skin]
Naen's Supply Box 20 You can select a Bead of yout choice.
Powerful Energy Generator 5 Generates 2-10 Powerful Energies.
Demon Invitation Box 50 Contains 50 Demon Invitation.
Endless Eternity Generator 5 Generates 2-10 Endless Eternities.
Selective Ancient Dungeon Material Box 5 You can select one of the Ancient dungeon material.

- All items purchased from the shop will be deleted at 09:00 (UTC) on JUL 14.
- All items sold in the shop is account bound.
- All items sold from the shop can be purchased with Medal of Honor


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