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Fragrant Mystic Potpourri


Mar 05, 2024 (UTC)


How to Particiapte

Click the ()icon above the Fatigue
Point bar to check the event information.

Click "Get" button to take the
Fragrant Mystic Potpourri buff!

Experience the various buffs
including Skill Atk +20%!




* Fragrant Mystic Potpourri Buff resets on a daily basis! So make sure to take it everyday!



Fragrant Mystic Potpourri

You can obtain the following Fragrant Mystic Potpourri Buff during the event period.

 Fragrant Mystic Potpourri Buff
  • Skill Atk. +20%
  • Buff Power +5%
  • Attack / Movement / Casting Speed +20% 
  • Town Movement Speed +40%



Lingering Aroma Mystic Potpourri

By getting Potpourri Buff for 14 days, you can obtain Lingering Aroma Mystic Potpourri for special reward!
Register the item to the hotkey item slot, and experience dungeon movement speed buff!

Reward Description
Lingering Aroma Mystic Potpourri [Temporary] Add this item to a quick slot to increase your movement speed by 10% inside dungeons. This item cannot be used directly, and no longer takes effect when removed from quick slots. (This item cannot be used in the Arena, town, or Training Center - Challenge mode.)


# Please Note

  • Fragrant Mystic Potpourri buff will be deleted everyday at 09:00 UTC.
  • Fragrant Mystic Potpourri buff is applied account-bound.
  • Fragrant Mystic Potpourri buff is not applied in Arena, Bakal Raid, Noblesse Code, and Dusky Island.

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