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Custom Hunting in Seon! ft.Joey


Mar 19, 2024 (UTC)




Start Custom Hunting in Seon with Bonoz Joy!
You can obtain
 4/4 Custom Epic Equipment by gathering Starry Energy Fragments while traveling to various places in Seon!



How to Participate

Clear NPC Bonoz Joey's Quest in Seria's room.
You can start Custom Hunting Expedition in Seon with Joey!
A special treasure box will be found by entering
Seon Normal Dungeons after consuming 15 Fatigue Points
in Optimal Level Dungeons. Destroy the trasure box to obtain

Mana-Condensed Floating Stones and Seon Visitor Coins!
(Can be encountered up to 3 times a day per account)
By clearing Seon Advanced Dungeons,
you can obtain
Starry Energy Fragments!
(Can be obtained up to
2 times a week per character)
Clear Daily / Weekly Missions to acquire
Starry Energy Fragments and Seon Visitor Coins!
(Click the event icon() to check the mission details)
Try using the Custom Epic Option Converter by gathering
Starry Energy Fragments through Seon Expedition.
Custom Epic Option Converter can be used
NPC Bonoz Joey in Seria's room.
Once you reach the maximum count for Custom Option Conversion, you can choose 4 desired options for
your selected Custom Epic Equipment.
For detailed instructions, please refer to the information below!




Main Rewards

Icon Name Description
Floating Stone
Floating Stones imbued with mystical magical that are obtained from a treasure chest left behind by Myre. Contains 1 of the following items according to their set chances.

- Starry Energy Crystal
- [Event] Mist Core
- Custom Epic Equipment Selection Box
- Warped Dimension Cube
- Alien Dimension Cube
- Mediator of Balance Special Ticket
 Starry Energy Fragment
Pure energy that can be used with the Custom Epic Option Converter.
Custom Epic Option Converter can be used through NPC Joey located in Seria' Room.

Main Source
- Seon Area Advanced Dungeons
- Mana-Condensed Floating Stones
(Can be obtained in "Myre's Energy Imbued Treasure Chest" in Seon Area Normal Dungeons)
Custom Epic Equipment Selection Box Contains a Lv. 105 untradable Custom Option Epic Armor, Accessory,
or Special Equipment of your choice. (Option Lv. is fixed to Lv. 70.)
Warped Dimension Cube
The dimensional power contained within this cube can be used to change Epic Equipment options.

If you have Untradable, Account-bound, and Event items in your inventory, the Mist Gear Equipment Conversion system will use them in the order of Event > Untradable > Account-bound, and they can be used together.

Can also be used to change Custom Epic Equipment options.
- Changes all the 4 options at once.
- Option levels not affected.
- Can't be used on equipment with transferred options.

Target Equipment
- Ent Spirit
- Blue Beryl
- Forest Witch
- Deep Diver
- Blue Pirate
Alien Dimension Cube
Use the power of the alien mist within the cube to convert Custom Epic equipment into a different kind.

Can be used on Custom Epic equipment to convert it.
- Converted into different Custom Epic equipment that's not the same as itself.
- Converting changes all the 4 options on it.
- Only options appear that can be transferred to the converted Custom Epic equipment.
- Option levels retained
- Enchants and texture reset
- Equipment grade retained Available Equipment

Target Equipment
- Ent Spirit
- Blue Beryl
- Forest Witch
- Deep Diver
- Blue Pirate
Mediator of Balance
Special Ticket
A ticket used to enter the Mediator of Balance dungeon without consuming any Fatigue Points.
1 ticket is consumed upon entering the map, allowing entry for 1 character only.

Available Dungeons
- Mediator of Balance

This ticket is consumed before other Mediator of Balance Tickets or entry materials in the inventory.
[Event] Mist Core
A fuel in the form of a golden crystal with energy from the dimensional storm trapped inside.

The energy within it resembles mist, hence the name, Mist Core. The source of the energy it contains is unknown.

- [Event] Mist Cores can be used in conjunction with other Mediator of Balance Entry materials, and are consumed before the others when you enter the Mediator of Balance.



Event Mission

Type Mission Reward
Daily Talk to Bonoz Joey Starry Energy Fragment x10
Clear Seon Normal Dungeons 4 times (Any difficulty) Starry Energy Fragment x10
Weekly Clear Seon Normal Dungeons 20 times (Any difficulty) Seon Visitor Coin x60
Clear Seon Advanced Dungeons 2 times (Any difficulty) Starry Energy Fragment x30




Custom Epic Option Converter


1.Basic Features

Number Description
1 Register the desired custom epic equipment.
- Instead of registering owned custom epic equipment, you can choose and register any desired custom epic equipment.
2 After registering Custom Epic Equipment, you can freely re-register before extracting the equipment.
- The currently set custom options will all be reset, and conversion count will be retained when changing the registered equipment.
3 Option conversion count of registered Custom Epic Equipment.
- The following benefits will be provided upon accumulated conversion count.
Accumulated Conversion Count Benefit
30 Lock 1 out of 4 options when converting.
70 Lock 2 out of 4 options when converting.
100 Select all 4 desired options of your choice
4 Once the accumulated conversion count reaches 30 and 70, the custom option lock button will be activated.
5 Applies random options when converting Custom Epic Equipment.
- If an option is valid, the valid color will be displayed on the option and the title bar.
- Favorite options in the Custom Option Book will be displayed in conjunction.
6 Materials consumed when converting.
- 13 Starry Energy Fragment are required per conversion.
- Upon reaching 100 accumulated conversion counts, materials will not be consumed when selecting options.
7 Custom Option Conversion Function
8 Custom Epic Equipment Extraction Function.
- Equipment extraction is available after attempting option conversion at least once.
- Upon equipment extraction, the accumulated conversion count will reset.
- Equipment extraction is available 2 times per account.
- Custom Epic Option Converter will no longer be able to be used after extracting equipment 2 times.
9 Guide for Custom Epic Option Converter


2.Option Selection Feature

Number Description
1 Even when accumulated conversion count reaches its maximum, equipment can be changed.
- The accumulated conversion count will not reset when changing equipment, allowing for the selection of desired options after the change.
However, please note that the accumulated conversion count resets after equipment extraction.
2 When the accumulated conversion count reaches its maximum, you can click on each option 1 through 4 to select your desired options.
- Clicking on each option will trigger a pop-up of the option selection list on the right side.
3 During the option selection stage, materials will no longer be consumed.
4 Option Selection List
- Options are listed prioritizing favorite options and valid options from the Custom Option Book.




# Please Note

Custom Epic Option Converter

  • During the event period, only 2 equipment per account can be extracted from the Custom Epic Option Converter.
  • Once all equipment has been extracted from the Custom Epic Option Converter, it can no longer be used.
  • Any equipment not extracted from the Custom Epic Option Converter will be deleted after the event period.

Treasure Chests left by Myre

  • When entering the dungeon as a party, all party members must meet the encounter requirements for the Treasure Chests left by Myre to appear.


  • Seon Area can be entered after completing the Act quest, The Place of Beginning.
  • All unused items will be deleted at 09:00, APR 30, 2024 UTC.

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