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How Many Chomping Meringues?!


Apr 03, 2024 (UTC)



Click the () icon above the Fatigue
Point bar to check the event information.

After clearing mini-game stages and missions,
you will obtain Meringue Coins and Seon Visitor Coins.



Purchase various buffs with meringue tokens
to enjoy the mini-games even more!

Gather Seon Visitor Coins to purchase a
handful of rewards. The 9th Anniversary
Special Shop is located in Clearmist Square!







The goal is to count the total number of Chomping Meringues in the mini-game!
Referring the play guide below will help you understand the mini-game better.

Choose Stage Mode or Challenge Mode to start mini game. Select a buff to use during selected stage.
Warning! You cannot use buff in Challenge Mode.
Count the number of Chomping Meringues
that have completely passed from left to right.
Focus on Meringues only as various
Sacred Beasts appear upon stages!
If the counted number is correct, you clear the stage!
Even if you fail, click the Try Again button to retry!


  • The Stage Mode consists of a total of 18 stages, and 6 new stages will be opened every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC.
  • For each stage you clear, you will receive rewards in the form of Meringue Coins and Seon Visitor Coins.
    These rewards are given only once for the initial clear of each stage.
  • You can obtain additional Meringue Coins upon clearing stages, and each stage has a maximum limit of coins that can be obtained.
  • Once you clear a stage, you can freely replay it.

* Meringue Coin : Gain various benefits while playing mini-games by purchasing buffs in Buff Shop.
* Seon Visitor Coin: Exchange them for various rewards at the 9th Anniversary Special Shop in Clearmist.

  • The challenge mode becomes available after clearing stage 12, you cannot use any buffs from buff shop.
  • You can obtain special reward through mini-game mission after clearing the challenge mode.
  • You can purchase buffs with Meringue Coins that give you benefits while playing mini game.
  • Please take note that available buffs are limited, and described in each buff description for each chapter.
  • The missions are divided into daily, weekly, and achievement missions, and you receive rewards upon clearing each mission.
  • The mission clear rewards consist of either Seon Visitor Coins or Meringue Tokens, depending on the type of mission.




Meringue Tokens can be used to buy buff items.
Please take note while purchasing that each buff can only be used in specific stages.

1st Chapter Buff
No Running! Forwards! Acrophobia!
Running Meringues will not appear.
This will help count them more easily!

= Usable Stage : 1~6 =
Having trouble counting Meringues because they stop sometimes?
Use this buff to keep them from stopping.

= Usable Stage : 2~6 =
Why would a Meringue be riding a Meringue?
Use this buff to stop stacked Meringues from appearing.

= Usable Stage : 4~6 =
50 50 50
2nd Chapter Buff
Slow Down! I Too Many Meringues! Too Many Beasts!
The speed of appearing Sacred Beasts will be reduced to that of the previous chapter.
Use this buff to count Meringues more calmly!

= Usable Stage : 7~12 =
Are there too many Meringues for you to stomach?
Use this buff to slightly reduce the number of Meringues that appear!

= Usable Stage : 7~12 =
This buff will prevent either Platy or Bread from appearing.
Use this buff to count Meringues without getting them mixed up with too many other Sacred Beasts!

= Usable Stage : 7~12 =
100 100 100
3rd Chapter Buff
Slow Down! II No Going Back! Sunny Skies!
The speed of appearing Sacred Beasts will be reduced to that of the previous chapter.
Use this buff to count Meringues more calmly!

= Usable Stage : 13~18 =
This buff will stop Meringues from going back in the other direction.
Use this buff to simply count the number of Meringues that make it all the way to the right!

= Usable Stage : 14~18 =
Has the mist been getting in your way?
Use this buff to get rid of mist during the middle of the stage!

= Usable Stage : 18 =
150 150 150




Mission Type Mission Reward
Daily Login Daily Seon Visitor Coin x10
Clear a stage 1 time
(Either Stage Mode/Challenge Mode)
Seon Visitor Coin x10
Weekly Clear a stage 5 time
(Either Stage Mode/Challenge Mode)
Seon Visitor Coin x60
Use buff items 3 times Seon Visitor Coin x60
Special Clear Challenge Mode
[Master of Counting Meringues Title]
Contains a Master of Counting Meringues Title.
Title is given as untradable/permanent and has no options.


# Please note

  • The event and its progress is shared by account.
  • Daily missions are reset every day at 09:00 UTC, and weekly missions are reset every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC.
  • Stage clear and mission rewards are sent to your mailbox.
  • [Event] Seon Visitor Coin will be deleted at 09:00, APR 30, 2024 UTC.
  • Unused items will be deleted at 09:00, APR 30, 2024 UTC.
  • Various buttons in the mini-game can also be controlled using the keyboard arrow keys and spacebar.

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