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Growing Pains Begone! - Option Growth Special Discount -


May 14, 2024 (UTC)

Adventurers, we are announcing a option growth special discount event!

Enjoy a more comfortable gameplay experience with a 90% discount on equipment growth costs!


Click on the NPC related to equipment option growth!

All equipment option growth costs are
discounted by 90% during the event period!




Option Growth Special Discount!

Growth Cost Type  Fragile Boundary Fragment
(EXP 500)
 Boundary Fragment
(EXP 20,000)
 Stable Boundary Fragment
(EXP 500,000)
 Complete Boundary Fragment
(EXP 3,000,000)
Golden Beryl 1 1 6 15
Gold 5 250 3,500 10,000
Power Essence 0 0 1 1


# Please Note

  • The discount rate will not decrease below a minimum cost of 1.
  • Option Growth Special Discount Event ends at 09:00, JUL 9, 2024 UTC.

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