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Challenge! Advanced Dungeon Conqueror


Jun 11, 2024 (UTC)


How to Participate

Click the HUD Icon() above the Fatigue
Point Bar to check out the Event Details.

Clear Event Missions and obtain various rewards!





Event Mission

Type Mission Reward Description
Daily Login Daily Storm's Wrath (Normal) /
Mediator of Balance Ticket Set
Contains 5 Storm's Wrath (Normal) Entry Tickets and 5 Mediator of Balance Tickets.
Complete Storm's Wrath (Normal) / Mediator of Balance 5 times Unstable Mediator's
Energy Potion [20 Percent]
Increases Mediator's Energy by 20%.
* Cannot be used when Mediator's Energy is at 100% or higher.
* This item is not applied automatically and can only be used in Town.
Weekly Complete White Ocean
Advanced Dungeon
(Any difficulty)
* Repeatable 2 times per week
Stable Boundary Fragment Box (2) Contains 2 Stable Boundary Fragments.
Stable Boundary Fragments are used as equipment option growth material and are given as untradable.
Accumulated Complete White Ocean
Advanced Dungeon
Normal or higher 3 times
* Repeatable 3 times per week
All-Purpose Fusion Epic
Equipment Selection Box
Contains a Lv. 105 untradable Fusion Armor, Accessory, Special Equipment, or The Machine Revolution Weapon of your choice.
(The Machine Revolution Weapon option level is set to that of which can be obtained in The Machine Revolution: Total War.)
Complete White Ocean Advanced
Dungeon Expert or higher 2 times
* Repeatable 2 times per week
Dim Floating Stone Box (50) Contains 50 Dim Floating Stones.
Complete White Ocean Advanced
Dungeon Master 1 time
Warped Dimension Cube Box (20) Contains 20 Warped Dimension Cubes [Account-Bound].


# Please Note

  • All unused rewards will be deleted at 09:00, JUL 9, 2024 UTC.
  • The following dungeons are available for entry in the White Ocean Advanced Dungeon.
    • White Cloud Valley, Solidaris

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