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Stars in the Sky


Jul 09, 2024 (UTC)


How to Participate

After completing Stars in the Sky Quest, you can enter mini-game dungeon through NPC The Star Boy.

Press the attack key in time with the falling meteors. Input at the right timing to create brilliant fireworks!

Aim for a perfect hit to complete
the mission and earn rewards!






Event Dungeon

  • The mission dungeon can be cleared once per day.
  • To clear the dungeon, launch the specified number of Lucky Stars displayed on the right side of the screen when entering.
  • Occasionally, objects may fly in to disrupt Starboy. Remove them to avoid interference!
  • If you miss a falling Lucky Star, it will explode and reduce Starboy's health by 1. If his health reaches 0, the minigame ends!
Object Description
If you hit at the correct timing, a small water droplet will appear on the screen.
If you hit by a water balloon, the screen will blur for 5 seconds.
If you hit at the correct timing, only a small puff of smoke will appear.
If hit by a smoke ball, a huge mist will obscure your vision for a second.
If you hit at the correct timing, Starboy's health will increase by 1.
If hit by a potion, nothing special happens.



Challenge / Time Attack Mode

image-2024-7-2_19-57-40.png image-2024-7-2_19-54-50.png

Challenge Mode

  • If you miss a Lucky Star even once, the game ends.
  • Besides Lucky Stars, water balloons and smoke balls also appear.
  • Sometimes a Lucky Star and a small puff of smoke can be appeared at the same time.

Time Attack Mode

  • In this mode, launch as many Lucky Stars as possible within one minute. Starboy's health is unlimited at this mode.
  • Occasionally, an hourglass will appear.
  • If you hit the hourglass perfectly, time stops for 5 seconds.




  • Rankings are account-based.
  • The ranking is recorded with the character that achieves the highest score within the account.
  • In the case of a tie, the character who achieved the corresponding score first will be ranked higher.




Event Mission

Type Mission Reward Description
Daily Clear the Stars in the Sky dungeon Boundary Fragment Random Pot Contains one of the following items randomly.
- 10-50 Boundary Fragments.
- 1-10 Stable Boundary Fragments.

Boundary Fragments are used as equipment option growth material and are given as untradable.
Weekly Clear the Stars in the Sky dungeon 5 times Warped Dimension Cube Box (5) Contains 5 Warped Dimension Cubes [Account-Bound].
Accumulated Launch 100 with a "HIT" (Repeat 0/5) Dim Floating Stone Box (20) Contains 20 Dim Floating Stones.
Launch 50 with a "PERFECT" (Repeat 0/5) Risen Purple Malefic Energy Box (50) Contains 50 Risen Purple Malefic Energies.
Launch 777 with a "PERFECT" Stars in the Sky Fireworks Aura Avatar Box
Contains 1 Stars in the Sky Fireworks Aura Avatar. The obtained Aura has no options and cannot be traded/sundered/combined.
  • "HIT" and "PERFECT" counts are counted in Mission Dungeon, Challenge and Time Attack Mode.
  • "HIT" and "PERFECT" counts are not counted when failing or forfeit during the minigame.


# Please Note

  • The event and its progress is shared by account.
  • Mission Dungeon Clear counts are reset everyday at 09:00 UTC.
  • All unused rewards will be deleted at 09:00, AUG 6, 2024 UTC.

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