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Honey Time


Jun 28, 2016 (UTC)


A special honey time event for the ardent adventurers of Arad has begun!
Longer wait but better rewards! Login right now to check it out!


Period: Jun 28 ~ Jul 26, 2016 (UTC), until maintenance


Up to 4x per day! Check out the Honey Time Reward.


Daily Honey Time Reward


Daily Reward Information

Login Duration Icon Name Description
5m 5 Honey Bees Pot Contains 5 Remy's Touches and 5 Toy of Sparkling World
(Occasionally, a 'Honey Time Accelerator' can be acquired instead of Remy's Touch or Toy of Sparkling World.)
15m 15 Honey Bees Pot You can select a item of your choice.
(Life Token / x3 Growth Potion / Elxir of Fatigue Recovery)
30m 30 Honey Bees Pot Activates a random contract from the four contracts.
60m 60 Honey Bees Pot Contains a random chronicle equipment.
(Each item has equal chance)

# Please Note:
※ All unused reward boxes will be deleted on Aug 9, 09:00(UTC)
※ Rewards can be received once per account and it resets daily. (Reset Time: UTC 09:00)


Honey Time Accumulated Reward


Accumulated Reward Information

That's not all! A Bonus Accumulated Reward for all! For a total of 3 rewards!

Login Time Icon Name Description
50 hours 50 Hours Reward Contains Safe Upgrade Kit.
100 hours 100 Hours Reward Contains 100 Interdimensional Fragments.
200 hours 200 Hours Reward Contains 200 Interdimensional Fragments.

# Please Note:
※ All unused reward boxes will be deleted on Aug 9, 09:00(UTC)
※ Accumulated rewards can only be acquired once per account during the event period.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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