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Jul 12, 2016 (UTC)


A whole new adventure of Knights begins once again!
Don't miss this chance to join the Knights on their new journey!


# EVENT 1. Free your Knights with the Free Advancement Change Scroll!


Target: Lv. 50+ Knight Class

How to participate:
You can acquire up to two Free Advancement Change Scroll [Knight] upon completing the SD Knight quest in Seria's Room.

Clear Count Reward

Free Advancement Change Scroll [Knight]
(Account Bound)

Can only be used by Knights who have advanced between Lv. 50~86.

After changing subclasses using the scroll, you must use the free advancement change scroll again, if you want to revert back to your original subclass.

Deleted at 09:00 (UTC) on Aug 8th, 2016.










Please Note:
Only 1 character per account may participate in the event quest.
Quest Materials for Free Advancement Change Scroll quest can be acquired by playing in optimal level dungeons while you have the quest accepted.
You cannot use the Free Advancement Change Scroll while 1st, 2nd awakening quest is in progress.


# EVENT 2. Unsparing Support for the Knights! The Knight Level up Buff 


[Knight Level up Buff]

Target: All Knights

Event Information: A level up buff will be given based on the Knight's level.

Option/Level Range 1~10 11~20 21~30 31~40 41~70 71~75 76~80 81~84    85  
STR/INT/VIT/SPI 20 25 25 25 30 25 25 20 10
Attack Speed (+%) 6 7 8 9 10 8 6 4 2
Casting Speed (+%) 12 14 16 18 20 16 12 8 4
Dungeon Movement Speed (+%) 6 7 8 9 10 8 6 4 2
MP Recovery/min 36 45 54 63 72 63 54 45 36
Town Movement Speed (+%) 20 25 30 35 40 35 30 25 20


[Knight Party Bonus]

Target: Knights and all characters in a party with Knights

Event Information: Hunting EXP Buff will be applied when you party up and play in a dungeon with Knights.


# EVENT 3. Accelerate your Knight's growth!


Target: Lv. 15+ Knights

Event Information: Click the HUD icon in-game to check out the mission and rewards.

Criteria Mission Rewards
Once per day Clear
Optimal Level Dungeon 1x
EXP Capsule [3%] (Account Bound) x1
Adventurer's Phoenix Feather (Untradable) x10
- Main material for Phoenix Weapon Reinforcement Ticket Recipe.
Can be used to recover 70% HP&MP.
Once per character Complete Advancement Temporary Phoenix Unique Box [Event] (Untradable) x2
- Can choose between a Short Sword or a Zanbato.
Reach Lv. 55 Phoenix Weapon Permanent Ticket [Event] (Untradable)
Reach Lv. 60

+12 Phoenix Weapon Reinforcement Ticket Recipe [Event] (Untradable)
Can craft +12 Reinforcement Ticket using 50 Adventurer's Phoenix Feather and the recipe.

Reach Lv. 65 Special Equip Quest Clearance Ticket (Account Bound)
Contains the Sub Equipment Quest Clearance Ticket or Magic Stone Quest Clearance Ticket.
2nd Awakening Quest Clear 2nd Awakening Quest Clear Ticket [Event] (Account Bound)
Use 2nd Awakening Skill
(Lv. 85) 20x
Feat. Quest Clear Ticket [Event] (Account Bound)
Once per account Reach Lv. 70 Knight Chronicle Set x1 Box (Account Bound)


Please Note :
★ Rewards are deleted at 09:00 (UTC) on AUG 9, 2016.
★ Some of the rewards can be received immediately if you have completed the mission prior to the start of the event.
★ Please permanent your Phoenix weapon using Phoenix Unique Weapon Permanent Ticket before using the +12 Phoenix Equipment Reinforcement Ticket on it.
★ Weapon grade will change upon using Phoenix Weapon Permanent Ticket.
(Permanent Phoenix Unique Weapon can be reinforced/boosted/refined. Cannot be disassembled. Sell Price: 0)


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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