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Demonic Lancer: Piercing his way to Lv. 86


Aug 23, 2016 (UTC)

You've carefully honed your skills, now time has come to show it off!
Three chronicle set pieces for Demonic Lancers! They can all be yours!


Period: AUG 23 ~ OCT 11, 2016 (UTC) until maintenance
Target: Demonic Lancers only


Event Information


Long-anticipated Demonic Lancer has arrived.
You want to be stronger than others?
Then don't miss this chance!

First, create a Demonic Lancer!
It doesn’t matter how many of them you create! Just reach the target level and they will all receive the same rewards!

Oh, you just found out about the event?
If you want to go slow, you can do that as well! You will still get plenty of rewards!




Check out these rewards! It will make you want to create a Demonic Lancer right now!

You will be given rewards based on your efforts. They say hardwork never betrays you!
If you want to go slow, you can do that as well! You will still get plenty of rewards!
Fast or slow, level up your Demonic Lancer now!


# Please Note:
1. Only Demonic Lancers may participate in this event.
2. D-day will be set depending on the date&time of character creation.
3. All completion rewards are untradable. (Except 'Selective Clone Rare Avatar Box') 
    The bug where tradable Clone Rare Avatars from the 'Selective Clone Rare Avatar Box' item was given has been fixed.
4. Selective Clone Rare Avatar Box is account bound and does not include Clone Rare Avatar for Demonic Lancers.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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