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Finding Antony


Sep 06, 2016 (UTC)

Anton has been defeated but the dark energy from his remains have corrupted the minds of the Antony brothers
Only the Golden Antony has resisted the corruption. All his brothers have lost their minds and have gone insane, causing trouble everywhere. The Golden Antony truly believes he can bring his brothers back to normal. In order to do that, we must catch them alive.


Period: SEP 06 ~ Sep 27, 2016 (UTC) until maintenance


Where are the Antonies?

Antony brothers can be found in the Lv. 17+ Optimal Level Dungeon boss rooms.

# Please note: 
- Antony brothers appear in pairs.


They must be caught alive.

Purchase Nets from the Golden Antony in Seria's room.
Catch the Antonies alive by using the 'Net' on them.

# Please note: 
- The only way to get Antony materials is by using the Net to catch them.



Antony (Dead or Alive)

Icons Name Description
Magtonium It has a chance to drop when you kill or catch antonies.

Antony (Alive)

Icons Name Description
Green Antony 100% chance to acquire these upon catching each Antony alive.
Blue Antony
Red Antony

Gold Antony Shop

Icons Name Price
Antony Net 100 Gold
Chronicle Set Box Green Antony X 100
Quest Legendary Box Blue Antony X 200
Gigantic Presence Accessory Box Red Antony X 100


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