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War Preparations


Sep 06, 2016 (UTC)


The celebration that came with defeating Apostle Anton didn't last long. A group of the Empyrean scientists have detected a new energy reading coming from the Interdimensional Rift. It appears to be identical to Anton but much stronger.
The Empire must prepare for the war immediately in case of an emergency
However, we have exhausted most of our resources and are having difficulties with our preparation.
Naen Siger asks for your aid, adventurer!


Period: SEP 6 ~ SEP 27, 2016 (UTC), until maintenance


#1 Acquiring Supplies

- Clear Lv. 17+ Optimal Level Dungeons to acquire 3 types of supplies

Icons Name Description
Supplies 1 Adds 3% EXP
Supplies 2 Contains 1-3 Interdimensional Fragments
Supplies 3 Contains 1-3 Demon Invitations

# Please note
- Supplies are deleted at fatigue reset time every day.


#2 Replenishing Supplies

- There are 3 types of supply boxes in Underfoot Square.
- Click each of the boxes to stock up the supplies and acquire rewards.

# Please note
- After rewards received, supply boxes will disappear.
- Supply boxes will appear again at fatigue reset time on the next day. 



#3 Rewards

Day Icons Name Description
1 Level-up Support Box Contains EXP Capsule 50%
x5 Growth Potion (2 hours).
2 Magtonium (30) Contains 30 Magtoniums.
3 Raid Support Potion A potion which can be used unlimited times until expiration.
Increases STR/INT +175, MAX HP +1850, MAX MP +1465 for 30 minutes.
20% skill cooldown
(Does not stack with Mind Stimulant Potion)
4 Interdimensional Fragment (100) Contains 100 Interdimensional Fragments.
5 Reinforcement Box Contains Reinforcer x5, Amplifier x5, Refiner x3.
6 Antonium (100) Contains 100 Antoniums.
7 Anton Subjugation Order Anton Raid entrance item
It has the same function as Powerful Energy Absorption Blocker and allows for additional entry into Anton.

- Fill up the supply box to receive the rewards above in order.

# Please note
- After you received the 7th reward, it will go back to the 1st reward.
- Additional Anton Subjugation Order can be used after the Anton Raid update.


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