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Heritage of the 7 Machinist


Sep 27, 2016 (UTC)

A hidden heritage of the 7 Machinist has been found!
A powerful buff for brave adventurers facing up against Anton!
How long this buff will be available for is uncertain but while it is, it shall assist you in defeating Anton!


Period: Sep 27 ~ Dec 30 (Event period is subject to change)


'Heritage of the 7 Machinist' Details


How to ON/OFF 'Heritage of the 7 Machinist' buff.

* Go to the raid channel and create a raid! All buffs will be automatically applied to the raid group during the event period.
* Heritage of the 7 Machinist is a very powerful buff. If you join a Raid with the buff activated, you can check it on the status board.
[Buff Details]
STR / INT +1000   |   Cast / Movement / Attack Speed +20%
All Skill Level +2    |   Skill Cooltime -20%
* You can attempt to defeat Anton without the buff.
* Raid buff can be turned off through Hiram Klauf. (Only Raid Leaders can turn the buff on/off.)
* Once the Raid begins, it cannot be turned on/off.


Bonus Rewards for defeating Anton with the buff deactivated!

Bonus rewards will be given to raids that defeat Anton without the Heirtage of the 7 Machinist buff.
Successfully defeating Anton without Heirtage of the 7 Machinist buff will earn you bonus rewards. (Rewards are sent to your mailbox.)

Rewards Details
Heritage of the 7 Machinist You can receive a random reward from the 2nd Phase of Anton [Defeat Anton] rewards.
(Rewards include Demon Invitation, Condensed Antonium, Anton's Soul Fragment, Savior's Glory and all other epic items!) 


# Please Note
- Heritage of the 7 Machinist buff is only applied to Anton Raid groups.
- Buff specifications may change without prior notice.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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