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Underfoot Fishtival


Sep 27, 2016 (UTC)

Here is the legend about the mythical lake that suddenly formed in Underfoot.

"The tears shed by adventurers over the years have slowly formed into a lake.
Fishing on this lake will give you inner peace and heal your damaged soul."

On a random visit to the lake I encountered a strange, yet warm hearted Flame Spirit.
"Have you come here after hearing about the legend? Here is some bait for ye. Wanna join me?"


Period: Sep 27 ~ Oct 25, 2016 (UTC) until maintenance


Getting the Bait


There are 3 types of baits: Inferior Bait, Intermediate Bait, and Superior Bait. Below are the ways to acquire them.

Click the HUD ICON.

Gauge will fill up every 30 minutes.

Find the NPC at Underfoot Harbor.

Purchase Intermediate Bait from the shop.

Go into Optimal Level Dungeons.
Monsters have a chance to drop baits upon dying.

Can acquire up to 30 per day.




If you have acquired the bait, please find the Flame Spirit in Underfoot Harbor and start fishing!

Visit the Flame Spirit on the lake.

Select Manual Fishing or Automatic Fishing.
Automatic Fishing will take slightly longer than Manual Fishing.


Using the Fish


Take your hard earned Fish and Cans to the Flame Spirit to exchange them for items.

Tin Can Tab

Name Description  Required Materials
Sardine A material used to purchase items from the Flame Spirit's shop. 30 Cans
Salmon A material used to purchase items from the Flame Spirit's shop. 40 Cans
Lobster A material used to purchase items from the Flame Spirit's shop. 50 Cans
Intermediate Bait A bait used for fishing.
Allows you to catch a higher quality fish compared to when using inferior baits.
3,000 G


Sardine Tab

Name Description  Required Materials
Sardine Omega-3 Immediately restores 50% of your Max HP and MP. Sardine 1x
Flame Spirit's Toy Box You will receive following items in random: Firework, Baby Elixir, Giant Growth Growth Elixir, SD Creature Costumes (SD Knight and SD Demonic Lancer is excluded) Sardine 5x
Random Dye Box Contains a random dye. Sardine 20x
Omega-3 Exorcism Potion Extra 80 Exorcism for 30 minutes. Sardine 10x


Salmon Tab

Name Description  Required Materials
Demon Invitations Box of
Flame Sprirt
Generates 2-100 Demon Invitations. Salmon  5x
Endless Eternity Pouch Generates 2-10 Endless Eternities. Salmon  7x
Growth Capsule [10%] Add 10% EXP. Salmon  5x
Flame Spirit's Equipment Refiner Can be used to refine a weaopn without consuming powerful energies. Salmon  10x
Otherverse Entry Reset
Coupon Box
Contains Otherverse Entry Reset Coupon A and B. Salmon  15x
Ancient Dungeon Free Pass Allows you to enter EX: Ancient Dungeon and Ancient Dungeon without entrance materials. Salmon  20x


Lobster Tab

Name Description  Required Materials
Flame Spirit's Phial Contains 10 Chitosan of Lobster.
(Chitosan of Lobster : Immediately restore 100% of your Max HP and MP.)
Lobster 1x
Hell Party Ticket Allows you to enter Hell Mode. Consumes 1 per entry. If you have Demon Invitations in the inventory, Hell Party Ticket will be consumed first. Lobster 5x
Flame Spirit's Bead [Fire] Inflict Fire Damage Lobster 10x
Flame Spirit's Bead [Water] Inflict Water Damage Lobster 10x
Flame Spirit's Bead [Shadow] Inflict Shadow Damage Lobster 10x
Flame Spirit's Bead [Light] Inflict Light Damage Lobster 10x
Flame Spirit's Ring HP MAX +200
MP MAX +200
+10% Damage when attacking
Lobster 25x


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