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Invasion on 8-bit


Sep 27, 2016 (UTC)

Seria is trapped inside the 8-bitram dungeon!
Rescue her by defeating the 8-bitram dragon and his minions!


Period: Sep 27 ~ Oct 25, 2016 (UTC) until maintenance


How to Participate


You can access the game through the NPC in Seria's room.
- 8-bitram dungeons can be entered up to 3x per day and entry count is shared account-wide.

You can start the game through the Strange Cube inside Seria's room.
(Only Lv. 17+ characters may participate.)
Killing monsters in the dungeon!
(Entry count is reset at fatigue reset time every day.)
Collect the materials and purchase items from the Strange Cube's shop.


Strange Cube Shop Item List


Items can be purchased from Mysterious Cube's shop using the '1 Pixel' material from the dungeon.

Rewards Details  Price  Limit
Dotness Auto Box Contains a Unique sub equipment Dotness Auto. 250 1
Classic Weapon Avatar Box Contains a Classic Weapon Avatar. (Untradable, Permanent) 250 1
Powerful Energy Box Generates 5-20 Powerful Energies. 15 60
Remy's Touch Pouch Generates 5-20 Remy's Touch. (Account bound, Permanent) 4 100
16-bit Potion Box Generates 5-20 16-bit potions. (Account bound, Deleted on Nov 8) 2 100
Recovery Fatigue Potion (30) Recovers 30 Fatigue Points when used. 10 1/1 Day
Growth Capsule (5%) Acquire 5% EXP when used. 10 1/1 Day


# Please Note
- 8-bitram dungeon is not connected in any way to the natram dungeon.
- Event materials will be deleted when the event ends.
- All items sold in the shop are account bound and any non-used items will be deleted on NOV 8.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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