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Honey Time (Revised)


Oct 25, 2016 (UTC)

A mysterious masked hero has appeard on halloween!
"Hah, I'll take you on..."


Period: Oct 25 ~ Nov 22, 2016 (UTC) until maintenance


Daily Honey Time Reward


Daily Reward Information

Login Duration Icon Name Description
5m Pumpkin Pie Restore 30% of HP.
Restore 30% of MP.
15m Halloween Costume Changes into random Monster costume for 10 minutes.
30m Hero-H Summons Hero-H APC for 10 minutes when used. Cannot be used in Normal Anton/Anton Raid.
60m Ancient Dungeon Free Pass Allows you to enter Ex: Ancient Dungeon and Dungeon without entrance materials.


Honey Time Accumulated Reward


Accumulated Reward Information

Login Time Icon Name Description
25 hours Inventory Expansion Ticket Contains Inventory Expansion Ticket
50 hours Refiner Box Contains 10 Single-use Weapon Refiner.
100 hours Character Slot Extension Kit Adds 1 character slot. Up to 75 of this item can be used.
200 hours Quest Legendary Box Select and receive a Quest Legendary Equipment.


# Please Note:
- Daily rewards can be received once per account and it resets daily. (Reset Time: UTC 09:00)
- Accumulated rewards can be received once during the event period.
- All rewards will be deleted at 09:00(UTC), Nov 22.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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